Another Dr. Craig Alan Bittner Victim

April 6, 2011


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The illustrious dr. craig alan bittner pled guilty to a felony on Monday. He has an opportunity to knock that to a misdemeanor in 2 years. He also loses his license for 5 years and must pay restitution to his victims in the amount of their original surgeries. The nasty stephanie darcy pled guilty to a felony and also has the 2 year option. The equally creepy jonathan martin pled to a felony and has the opportunity to have it dismissed in one year.

WHAT’S RIGHT: Unlike his fraud case for his previous company, this time he was punished. (The last time he was charged, he shut down the company rather than face the music.) Things seem to be going downhill as tIme goes on. While his license is surrendered, no other state will grant him a license as CA notifies them all and there is a general agreement between states on such an issue. In order to get his license back, the CA Medical Board will investigate the facts surrounding the case. In such cases, the Board rarely grants a new license.  Please keep in touch and I’ll let everyone know when he can apply again. At that time, letters sent to the Board will have a great impact on their decision. In 2 years letters to the court may also help to keep them from granting a reduction of the count of felony to misdemeanor. Please join the FB group , you can create an alternate profile to protect your identity and will be notified when letters are needed and if any further legal action can be taken.

That victims will receive some monies is a start, but is not enough.

WHAT’S WRONG: For starters, the fact that a plea bargain was struck is wrong. Equally wrong is any opportunity for a reduction or dismissal of any of the felonies. Why CA would even consider letting a person who performed multiple felony surgeries on uninformed patients without licensing the opportunity to dismiss that felony is beyond me.

Equally wrong is the conditions of restitution. Refund of the original surgery fees is insulting. I have already paid almost TWICE the original fee for corrections and have at least another $10K more to go. That comes out to THREE TIMES the original cost. Ms. Chen, we should be made WHOLE!

craig alan bittner is still able to be a partner in other clinics and hold up to 49% of the interest. He is NOT allowed to see, manage or otherwise be involved with patients, their files or their care. Anyone who finds that he has an interest in any new medical ventures at all or that he is violating the patient care restrictions is welcome to forward the information to me or the Medical Board. The Board will be following any reports about his activities.

Stephanie Darcy and Rodney Davis are reported to be working at PacificLipo. Why anyone would hire them is beyond me. That makes me suspect..(“suspect”, note the qualifier)…that perhaps (again a qualifier)  the clinic is owned either partly by bittner or by a cronie of his. My guess is that my suspicions are a bit more than possibly valid.

WHAT’S NEXT: I am also investigating the possibility of a class action suit for actual damages. Please join the FB group and subscribe to this blog so you can be included in any further legal action and to help keep his license revoked.  If you change email addresses, please update them in both  places. It will be very important for your voices to be heard when the courts and Medical Board are considering changes to the counts and licensing.

DOCUMENTRAY: There is a documentary being made by a BH Plastic Surgeon. It will address the issue of doctors like bittner, him in particular, how to avoid them and possibly how the legal system does not punish them enough. The producer has agreed to blur or darken faces at your request. If you would like to be part of the group to be interviewed, let me know. They have accepted my request to put a group together and have a mass interview and for me to have final edit on our section to keep everyone safe.  Many of us around a table will help to emphasize the number of victims and will personalize the interview greatly. The Board will get access to the documentary and I have it on good authority that it will be VERY helpful to keep his license from being recovered.


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