Another Dr. Craig Alan Bittner Victim

July 7, 2011


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I just received this comment from a reader. Really, rod? The fact that you had a probationary license due to giving false information, maimed many people and had your picture on his website as part of his team does not even give you pause before denying you ever worked for him?

What? That’s not you? Second from the left?

And, of course, you were not aware that other “team” members were unlicensed? You came to work every day and never wondered why those people did not display certificates or licenses? Well, you callously even lied to me about the nature of your crime, a fact that was on public record….

rodney’s letter to me:


You and I have never met but I was recently made aware of your website dedicated to publicizing your experience at Doctor Bittner’s office. I would like to start by saying that I am sorry that you were so unhappy with your results. I am an employee in Doctor Bittner’s office and I must say that the vast majority of our patients are pleased with their results.

My name is Rodney Davis and I work as a Physician Assistant. Unfortunately for me, the information that you have posted on the internet about my past is completely incorrect and is hurting my family and my reputation. I am not a convicted felon and my license was never suspended. I have a probationary license due to a fairly common application error. This all stems from a “disorderly persons” offense that occurred when I was 18 years old. I am now 33 years of age and have never had any legal or professional acts of misconduct since the age of 18. According to the Medical Board of California I should have mentioned the above incident on my application even though the question specifically asked about any prior misdemeanors or felony convictions. Rather than wait for up to year to clear up the accusation I agreed to a probationary license. My wife and I had already moved here from N.Y. before I learned of the application problem, otherwise I would have challenged the Medical Board’s decision.”>

Seriously? a common mistake_ from the application:  “Have you ever been convicted or pled nolo contendere to any violation (including misdemeanor or felony) of any local, state, or federal law in any state, territory, country, or U.S. jurisdiction?….you are required to include a conviction that has been set aside and dismissed or expunged. Can it be any clearer?

First, we DID meet. He was in the room before my surgery and was part of the prep.

The CA medical board has records of causes and action’s that can be accessed online. Sadly, much of the info on each “professional’s” listing is self-reported and rarely validated by the board. Also, complaints and charges are never listed, only convictions. Settle with those who sue you and no one ever knows, no matter how heinous the crime.

Here is what one patient says:

I actually had a surgery scheduled with Pacific Lipo a couple of months ago. I put a deposit down with Stephanie (I did not get her last name) and she booked my appointment right away. I am wondering if this is the same Stephanie that worked for Bittner.
The day before my appointment with PA Rod Davis flat out denied any wrong doings or working under Dr. Bittner.
It was very suspicious to me why a PA would conduct invasive surgeries with our an actual doctor there. This office needs to be shut down before someone gets hurt.

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