Another Dr. Craig Alan Bittner Victim

October 10, 2008


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I just had my 3rd corrective surgery a week ago. Read about it and see new pics of damage to legs here:

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Franchises/ LLC’s:

The folks at Beverly Hills Liposculpture have recorded 3 new LLC’s, limited liability companies. Officer’s/member’s personal assets are protected from litigation. They take a salary out of the profits and are able adjust it so that the company itself has minimum assets. This can leave the company with little resources to pay damages for negligence or other compensible offenses.

For information go to : and type “Lipospecialists” in the LLC text box.

Take notice of the agents for service and addresses for the new LLC’s.

  • Stephanie Darcy is rumored to be the doctor’s wife or girlfriend and was the marketing director at Ameriscan.
  • Selwyn Gerber is a CPA, and seems to be the founding partner of another local “investment” firm as well as an officer for the Jewish Community Foundation and a teacher at the University of Judaism in Bel Aire. (Although only one student has “rated” him..hmmmm). His Amazon nickname is “offshorepro.” While there is nothing wrong with making and saving money, being able to “store” money out of the country certainly has some ethical issues. And folks wonder why we have an economic crisis??? If we send it to other countries we certainly aren’t helping ourselves. Bring it in, don’t send it out! But more importantly, offshore accounts are very often used to hide money, not something I would brag about.
  • There also seems to be some discrepancies in the LLC`addresses and it is possible that the Sacramento address might belong to a rabbi. Nice…..relgion helping to hide and misdirect…or at least it seems so.
  • There is some question that the changes and new “clinic” sites might have been made in order to further conceal associations with the original clinic and patient complaints.


As silly as it sounds, this was actually proposed in Norway in 2005. Of course, our good doctor never misses a chance to make a buck and capitalize on the pain of others. (Women and men who look to lipo usually do so because they have some pain about the shape of their bodies, some warranted, some not. The let’s talk about the physical pain….)

  • Consent?: The doctor seems to be saving on gasoline in his vehicle. But I wonder if the fat he is using is from people who CONSENTED to such a use? And, how would anyone know? Once it is used there would be no way to verify consent.
  • Approved by the EPA?: There also seems to be a question whether this proceedure is approved under any federal office.
  • Dangers?: This doctor does no biological pre-screening on his patients (or didn’t in the known past). How do we know that there are not contagions that might be dangerous? Is he payinbg for testing of every bottle of fat?
  • Environmental Do-Gooder?: Of course he is trying to make us all think that he is doing his part to “go green.” Does anyone really believe this? There have been a few medical discussion board posts supporting this, but they all seem to be members that many people believe are the doctor and his employees. The most salient issue here is safety and legality. Given Ameriscan, reinventing himself as “the” liposuction wizard, changing company names and forming LLC’s under suspicious registry, law suites for negilgence and false advertising, and lipodiesel; the environment is probably just a convenient vehicle to a bigger offshore bank accunt. If the doctor is so green, why is he putting lipodiesel into his…SUV?

I can’t help but conjure up the picture of a basement laboratory and severed body parts…….and I vote FOR stem cell research!

This topic was discussed on a Plasmetic board, but there were some inappropriate comments made on one post. The thread was closed, however instead of removing just the one inflamitory post, others were also deleted. The most pertinenent deletion addressed a “poster” who seems to make unfounded claims against the legitimacy of those who have been harmed by Dr. Bittner. “She” also seems to have the inside scoop on his new “testimonials,” whose sites are designed by the same company who designs for the doctor.

Unsolicited or damage control?


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