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April 26, 2009

Fixing some of those post-lipo bumps.

I have stumbled across a process that is effective in reducing some of the ugly bumps left by bittner’s team. It is a pretty simple process and I have seen about a 30% improvement in 6 treatments.

I exercise every day and recently found this method while researching exercises for the face as an addition to my workout. I originally  had the lipo to attack some stubborn areas that waere keeping me from moving well and getting a good workout. Remember that I have also had numerous corrective surgeries since bittner’s disaster and corrected a large amount of the damage that way. Sadly, even after corrective surgeries, there are still some ugly areas. Don’t get me wrong, they are minor compared to how bittner left them, but still the gouging and scarring are deep and they would have required very complicated and delicate surgery to repair…if they could be repaired.

In my search for a total workout for an old lady like myself, I found myself researching (among other programs) “Facercise” by Carole Maggio. I noticed that she had a procedure and DVD called “No Lipo Lipo.” I was curious. I ordered the DVD and queried Carole about NLL’s use on victims of botched lipo. She kind and helpful. She offered to see me to evaluate the situation. I have not had time to go, but did start using the method at home. Carole has a Spa in Redondo Beach, California and these treatments are offered there. She created the DVD so women who could not access the spa could use the method at home (the spa treatments are very reasonable priced, so if you live close, consider getting the whole spa experience!)

So,  a few caveats:

  • This is essentially a method of massage with a simple, but unique, design and approach. I would gladly share the method with everyone, but I respect Carole, her work and her kind support. The DVD is $39. That is a small price to pay for the knowledge that she worked hard to formulate. I would ask  those of you that try it, please don’t reveal the method to others, Carole deserves benefit from the sale of  her DVD’s. I believe she has provided a simple tool that can help people who don’t want to have lipo and those of us who had disasterous surgeries. Please respect her work and give her the credit she deserves.
  • The method is so simple that my first impression was “yeah..uh huh…that’ll work….not.” After I thought about it for a while, I began to see that from a purely mechanical persepctive that perhaps there was some validity to the method, especially for the lumpy remains of bittner-cide. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity, I have gotten some great results! This method is effective to decrease lumps and smooth over poochy areas.
  • The video does not put you through the process as intensely as the spa treatments. In the spa, Carole tells me that they do 120 strokes per area. I think this is neccessary to get good results are bad areas. That said, doing it yourself is not going to be as effective and having someone else do it unless you just have one or two areas that are  easy to reach. If you can’t go to the spa, enlist the help of your significant other or a very good friend.
  • Concentrate on your worst areas. There is nothing wrong with simply applying the method to your own particular tough spots instead of or in addtion to the whole program.
  • I do feel a little discomfort and some tiny pains at times in some areas during the treatments. This is probably from a variety of issues:
    •  I have fibromyalgia…my socks hurt my ankles! Fibro patients have widespread body pain and tender areas that hurt without any cause and points that are expecially tender. The insides of my legs are particulalry tender.
    • In some areas I think that the scarring from da bit-ler makes the areas more tender.
    • Lastly, my husband is very strong and enthusiastic. He gives the best ultra deep massage! I often have to ask him to back off a bit!

$39 is a small price to pay for the results I have gotten in just 6 treatments ( 2 times a week). The weird little pooch/pucker around my naval has decreased about 50%. The three bumps on my right hip about 30%. My stomach is not as dimpled as it used to be, perhaps 20% less. I often use my Footlog before the NLL, but stopped after Carole told me that the spa does 120 strokes. I believe that this process “unclumps” the fat cells somewhat and smooths the connection to the skin. That is just a layman’s persepctive, but it describes the results I have gotten.

If you have bumps and lumps, you owe it to yourself to at least buy the DVD and try it. If you live near the Spa, try the spa package! Remember that you need to do about 120 strokes and it is more effective if someone does it for you. Don’t be afraid to deviate from the video’s basic body map in order to address those areas that you need to affect.

I am thrilled with the results and even if there is no further improvement, it was well worth the purchase. Please try it and let me know how it works for you!


April 9, 2009


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My  husband knows better than to lie to me, but then he has never really had a reason to do so. It is too bad that others do not. Lies come in all sizes, little ones that do no one any real harm except maybe to damage trust…big ones that can cause great damage or that come from people who should hold themselves to higher standards because of the affect they have on others. Lies are often meant to protect someone. If you are protecting someone from harm that is undeserved, then I won’t complain….if you are protecting yourself from being responsible for your own actions….I am not so forgiving.

Recently I was contacted by AdvanceLipo. There is a small note about similarities between their website and BHL on my site. I was made aware of the similarities from a post made by a reader comment on this blog. I noted the similarities, but also stated that it did not prove association.

Visit my site  for excerpts from letters and my findings on the issue….I make mistakes, everyone does, but not this time. Don’t lie to me about something I can prove just by going to your site! Now I feel compelled to address the situation further! I post facts that  I can support. If I can’t support the information, I make the best effort possible to use verbage that correctly describes the information.

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