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January 21, 2009

Private investigators

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As you may have read on the update in the “news” post, it seems Doc B is hiring private investigators to try and get the goods on us terrible patients who are scheming and trying to ruin him for no reason at all. Girls, make sure you you don’t dash to the store in your slippers…how embarrassing!

Bring it on “alan”:

  •  I don’t own a single window covering in any rooms of my house save the bathrooms and master bedroom. I don’t have much to hide. However, filming INTO a house is illegal,……gosh, perhaps I should start wearing makeup when I leave the house now. LOL, like I would change for you……
  • I support the military and the rights of gays to marry. I don’t believe that who a person loves affects anyone but the two of them. I have no fears that my family, or my husband will change their sexual orietnation because they see someone else doing it. If they do, it has nothing to do with anyone but them. I am not stupid enough to believe that gay people can “turn” someone else. A homosexual preditor is no different than a heterosexual preditor.
  • I have never been arrested.
  • I love cats and dogs.
  • I precycle, recycle and bring my own bags. I pick up my dogs’ “droppings” with newspaper instead of plastic when walking them. I dontate to environmental charities and do what I can without being too fanatical. I drive a good sized truck (once used for business) but only put gas in  every 2-3 weeks. All my light bulbs are CF’s.
  • I wear expensive athletic shoes and inexpesive clothing…my feet and back are more important than the labels on my clothes.
  • I wear artificial nails that barely clear the tips of my fingers and my haircolor is not natural…I was a blonde in my youth, it is easier to be a redhead now that I am older and my  natural color is not quite as light as it used to be. I even have some grey hairs! 
  • I am registered Independent. I could care less what any party says, I judge each candidate and issue independently, party affiliations don’t influence me.
  • I have a couple of tattoos.
  • I went to a Baptist school, but have a fairly ecclectic and independent view of religion. I believe in science as fact, as faith as a personal choice.
  • I have two “c’s” on my college transcripts, physics in JC and a psych class in which the professor lost my final paper…twice….he just did not tell me about the second time.
  • I am married to a retired, disabled veteran, almost 30 years service. We fly the Flag 24/7–lighted at night. I still wear a Vietnam era POW bracelet. In the late 1990’s they found the guy whose bracelet I wore since high school, his name was Captain David May. Now I honor CDR Joseph Dunn.
  • I had never used a PC until about 4 years ago. I am a poor typist.
  • Some people like me and some people hate me. I have a fairly low tolerance for lying, cheating, stealing or abusing..of any sort….and I am pretty vocal about it. I care when people park illegally in the handicapped spaces….and I will notify the police. Also, wheelchair ramps are not for parking shopping carts! I  care about doing the right thing more than I care about who “likes” me.
  • I have a glass of wine or two every so often, not regularly. I like the cheap lambrusco from Trader Joe’s.  I have a beer 2 or 3 times a year…Corona, 3 limes, real cold.
  • I wear sunscreen daily and have not “sunbathed”  in over 25 years.  I burn easily and was never much of a sunbather or beachgoer.  I can swim, but don’t really enjoy it.
  • I weigh about 20 pounds more than I would like to.
  • If you want to catch me at the gym, my current scehdule is: M-train in the moring or afternoon-depends on my trainer’s schedule–T: TKD at 11, about 6 pm for cardio and strength–W-training or just cardio morning or afternoon–TH-TKD 11, gym 6 pm, F: yoga at 9 am, cardio after–S: yoga at 11-cardio/strength after–Sun: usually something late morning. I am off this week because of MORE corrective surgery last Friday, but I think I will go and do light cardio while my hubby trains. My trainer’s name is Jim, please make an appointment to speak with him….. and it is really not fair that you take up his time without paying his hourly rate, try to be considerate 🙂
  • I had a breast reduction in 1986. I was a 30 DD before.
  • I take Tae Kwon Do lessons on tuesdays and thursdays. I can say: Kamsa hamneh da/thank you. There is no truth to the rumors that I have been selling arms to the North Koreans.
  • I am a chocoholic and have never been able to complete all 12 steps.
  • My big toe is longer than my second toe and I only have very tiny nails on my little toes.
  • I eat red meat, but I never did eat that cheesburger that “steph” told me I should eat after my surgery.
  • I have a library card.
  • I buy used paperback books.
  • I don’t know how to whistle.
  • I like broccoli, but hate shellfish and crustaceans of any kind.
  • My dad was a dentist, but I did not have braces until I was 28.
  • I had trainging wheels on my bike until I was 12.
  • I can ice skate, but I can’t roller skate.
  • I don’t think South Park is funny.
  • I did not see “From here to Eternity” until I was 50.
  • I separate CRV recyclables from my city-run recycling and give them to a neighbor instead.
  • I had my nose pierced in the early 70’s.
  • I was a cheerleader in high school, but loathe professional sports…even baseball.
  • I wear bifocals.
  • I once went to a Bananarama concert.
  • I can belch like a man.
  • I listen to country music.
  • Watching “I Love Lucy” makes me anxious.

This was real fun, if you need anymore info have your people call my people. I am so thankful that you think I am such a fascinating person!

Oh I almost forgot! I am getting a hairrcut..maybe a perm…. later this week or next. I am considering going quite a bit shorter, what do you think?

If you want to make enemies, try to change something.-Woodrow Wilson




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