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April 23, 2013


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Yesterday I time spent the day in a neighboring kingdom with an incredible group of women…and two of their handsome husbands that selflessly provided eye candy for all.


They laughed, they cried..they would have eaten chocolate had there been any. Most importantly, they stared down an evil, soul-less monster and his equally monstrous partner in crime. They were joined by the brave words of others, accounts of shocking horrors, spoken directly to the overseer by the diminutive knight that fought for the women. The overseer graciously agreed to hear all of those words, chose to put them before other kingdom matters and they continued until very late.


The second monster wore a wig to try and hide her blonde locks and avoid being identified by the all-seeing eye. Oddly, her wig looked just like the hair of the organizing woman, a nice tribute. Did she think they might mistake her for one who had a soul? She also wore a puffy suit of armor that failed her miserably and huddled low in her chair; but she could not hide from her crimes as the brave women listed them.


These brave women gathered to support each other and to find healing for themselves. They poured out their hearts, bared their souls and were, themselves,  empowered in doing so. They spoke about their own pain, but more importantly, they unselfishly spoke to help each other. They knew that a group of voices was much more powerful than a single voice. They spoke to fight the monsters.


They spoke without being jealous of those that those that had been chosen, in a far-away kingdom, to take some larger stabs at the monsters. They knew that those who reach out to share and to help others are far richer than those who only seek to help themselves. They knew that only soul-less monsters would threaten the progress of others for their own selfish concerns. They knew that without those that had worked to bring them together, the day would have passed them by completely. They knew that this matter affected many people and intelligently agreed to support rather than threaten its success.


Their courage and community touched the heart and mind of the overseer. He commended them and told them that they should never be afraid to speak up, that they were blameless. He looked the monsters square in the eye and told them how disgusting they were. He was ashamed that another kingdom had failed to punish the monsters adequately, but knew that the monsters would ultimately be punished, indeed were being punished by having only themselves and other monstrous miscreants as allies.


The kingdom is continuing, with the discretion and support of those who spoke in person and in writing, to complete the overseer’s directions. The organizing woman continues to work to find the truth and riches for those who need them. A cleric that offers some help came to the organizing woman and she will be gathering information for all.


The moral of the story is: Those that unselfishly work together and respect each other find more riches… in their purse and in their souls.


April 18, 2013


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Who has information on any recent businesses opened by staphanie or mr. buttner?

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