Another Dr. Craig Alan Bittner Victim

February 23, 2009

Victims are not just women anymore!

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Congratualtions to RH…my first male victim! Ok ladies…and gents….you are not alone! I just recieved my first letter from a man who is secure enough to go on record (with me) as having a botched surgery by bittner’s team. ( I believe I had a letter from a woman whose husband or boyfriend has trouble too, but this is the first direct letter from a man!)

Women possess a certain type of bravery that few men ever attain. That is not to say that men aren’t brave. When it comes to physical danger and business they ceratinly have it over us gals! But few people are universally honest in this world and men find it harder to fess up about feelings or a little nip or tuck… hat is off to RH!

If he can do it so can the rest of you…men and women! Speak up! If you received any kind of questionable care or had poor results, PLEASE go on record with the California Medical Board by filing a complaint! It is so easy to do..find info here: 

The investigator is dedicated to pursuing this case even though the mighty bittner is hinding out. The sheer number of recorded complaints may have a very important effect on the proceedings..don’t be left out! 🙂

I am still accepting short statements from each victim for the site. I would love to see one place where a few sentences with some basic info and two little initials to indicate the author can be a testament to the incredible situation that we are all involved in. Proof that there are not just a few of us. I currently have 908 emails in my “lipo” folder.  Although they are my property and I could legally publish any of them, I refuse to be so disrespectful to all of you. I hope you will consider making a short statement to the world!

Please share and publish the website and blog URL’s with anyone, anywhere that you can. Let’s increase awareness and keep him from hurting others in the future…anywhere!


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