Another Dr. Craig Alan Bittner Victim

November 14, 2008

NEWS-news and website updates 1/20/09

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April 10-New Site additions:

Recently I was contacted by AdvanceLipo about a mention of similar design and pictures on their site. Read about my findings on the website. You can access the page from the title section of any page.

I am gathering excerpts from letters sent to me by former patients, so far I am only to the “I’s” and have filled 2 web pages with pieces of letters. I am editing out personal and uneccessary information and will not post the pages until I am finished.

***See the new “Facts” page and new “Before & After ” pics!

The Medical Board of California served a warrant on Dr. Bittner’s Beverly Hills Office today, seizing medical records, documents, videos and other evidence in their investigation against him. Patients were turned away as the investigators conducted their investigation.

A news story is expected today on KCBS Action News at 5 pm.

It’s about time!

*UPDATE 11/24: It seems that bittner is still trying to save his license with some dirty tricks. He is mailing letters to doctors that have been cleaning up his mess and accusing them of having “stolen” patient files. Additionally, it seems that he has hired private investigators to “track” some of us who are speaking up..loudly. BTW, my medical records were finally found…not that they are of any value to me personally…….

 *UPDATE 11/24: New version of news story aired tonight.

*UPDATE 11/18: I have been informed by a reliable source that Dr. Bittner has fled the country. It is thought that he may be “organizing” the funds that he holds in offshore accounts. It is not known if or when he will return. There is a new “FACTS” page on the website.

UPDATE 11/17:   Agents also served warrants to search the Bittner’s home and vehicle as well!
UPDATE 5:47 pm-11/14:  News cast was great! Story will run at 9/9/10 pm on Channel 9 as well. Expect a full story sometime next week.

MORE: Link to news video: This video is now in the archives. Type “raid” into the video search box. The title of the video is: “Exclusive: Plastic Surgery Office Raid”

PHONE CALL 11/17: At about 2:14 this morning I got a phone call from an unidentified number. Our phone service sends unidentified calls directly to voice mail. It was short. A male voice said “bitch.” Three guesses, the first two don’t count. Very mature and professional! So that is what “bitch” means! A person who tells the truth and refuses to lie down and be a $10 doormat for a greedy person who breaks laws and take advantage of others! So it is official, I am a bitch! I can live with it. 

TO ALL FORMER PATIENTS:  Regardless of your results, if you feel violated knowing that those perfoming your surgery and provided care may have not been licensed to do so, your testimony is needed. Please contact this author with details/names if you can identify the people who did your consultation, provided care, gave you medication/anesthesia or performed surgery on you.    Keywords “former patients.”


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