Another Dr. Craig Alan Bittner Victim

June 10, 2013


I just received information about a couple of current business ventures that the bittner-darcy-smiths have kept hidden from the courts. Anyone with more information please contact me immediately.

Craig Bittner, Alan Bittner, Craig Smith, Alan Smith, Stepahnie Darcy, Kitty Darcy, Stephanie Bittner, Stephnie Smith, Kitty Bittner, Kitty Smith are all likely aliases. I have been told that they may have an interest in My Shape Lipo, Sneakpeek Ultrasound and various other liposuction and ultrasound clinics although their names may not appear on licensing and LLC filings.

They are claiming to have little or no income so we need more leads!

Please let me know if you have any information ASAP!


April 23, 2013


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Yesterday I time spent the day in a neighboring kingdom with an incredible group of women…and two of their handsome husbands that selflessly provided eye candy for all.


They laughed, they cried..they would have eaten chocolate had there been any. Most importantly, they stared down an evil, soul-less monster and his equally monstrous partner in crime. They were joined by the brave words of others, accounts of shocking horrors, spoken directly to the overseer by the diminutive knight that fought for the women. The overseer graciously agreed to hear all of those words, chose to put them before other kingdom matters and they continued until very late.


The second monster wore a wig to try and hide her blonde locks and avoid being identified by the all-seeing eye. Oddly, her wig looked just like the hair of the organizing woman, a nice tribute. Did she think they might mistake her for one who had a soul? She also wore a puffy suit of armor that failed her miserably and huddled low in her chair; but she could not hide from her crimes as the brave women listed them.


These brave women gathered to support each other and to find healing for themselves. They poured out their hearts, bared their souls and were, themselves,  empowered in doing so. They spoke about their own pain, but more importantly, they unselfishly spoke to help each other. They knew that a group of voices was much more powerful than a single voice. They spoke to fight the monsters.


They spoke without being jealous of those that those that had been chosen, in a far-away kingdom, to take some larger stabs at the monsters. They knew that those who reach out to share and to help others are far richer than those who only seek to help themselves. They knew that only soul-less monsters would threaten the progress of others for their own selfish concerns. They knew that without those that had worked to bring them together, the day would have passed them by completely. They knew that this matter affected many people and intelligently agreed to support rather than threaten its success.


Their courage and community touched the heart and mind of the overseer. He commended them and told them that they should never be afraid to speak up, that they were blameless. He looked the monsters square in the eye and told them how disgusting they were. He was ashamed that another kingdom had failed to punish the monsters adequately, but knew that the monsters would ultimately be punished, indeed were being punished by having only themselves and other monstrous miscreants as allies.


The kingdom is continuing, with the discretion and support of those who spoke in person and in writing, to complete the overseer’s directions. The organizing woman continues to work to find the truth and riches for those who need them. A cleric that offers some help came to the organizing woman and she will be gathering information for all.


The moral of the story is: Those that unselfishly work together and respect each other find more riches… in their purse and in their souls.

April 18, 2013


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Who has information on any recent businesses opened by staphanie or mr. buttner?

March 21, 2013

It never ends….does this get any of you even madder?

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March 8, 2013



This is not a parole hearing it is a sentencing hearing and your letters are definitely needed. Because the ADA handling this case has been unresponsive, not only to victims but also to the courts, I had to dig deep to find out the real details.

I was told by the ADA that he had been sentenced 2 years ago and that part of his sentencing was restitution to some of the victims. Apparently…hiS sentencing was DEFERRED. He was given   2 years before his sentence is  levied. This may have been, in my humble opinion, a ploy by his defense so that he could “live nice” and then offer to the courts evidence he has been a “good citizen” for the last 2 years in an effort to convince the court that he deserves leniency.

The information previously sent to me by the ADA was that he was ordered to pay restitution ONLY to the victims that filed complaints early on.

This hearing is so that both sides can present evidence and RECOMMEND what sentence, fines, restitution he will have to pay. It is probable that the parties involved do not have records of all the victims, so your voice is important.

I will be attending and will carry your letters with me. If you ALSO wish to attend:

  • 8:30 am
  • Monday March 11, 2013
  • CCB
  • 210 W Temple
  • Los Angeles
  • Room 44 or 644
  • George Robinson is making sentencing recommendations. He may or may not have all information. 909-629-5169


I would like to carry LETTERS from EVERYONE!!!! Simple, straight-forward, BRIEF.

I need a powerful, but brief and succinct letter in my email ( box by NOON on this coming Sunday, Mar 10. I need to print and download my email history to a laptop sunday afternoon! Be clear but keep it simple. Please add your name, it will given only as evidence so that Mr. Robinson can gain a more accurate view of the issues at hand.

  1. When you were harmed.
  2. How you were harmed.
  3. What financial costs you have incurred. Amounts.
  4. What did you suffer.
  5. How has it affected your life.
  6. What do you want the sentencing to be  and why?


September 16, 2011


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The documentary people are looking for a copy of the surgery video and the lipodiesel video. I did not download them, but may someone else has?

July 7, 2011


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I just received this comment from a reader. Really, rod? The fact that you had a probationary license due to giving false information, maimed many people and had your picture on his website as part of his team does not even give you pause before denying you ever worked for him?

What? That’s not you? Second from the left?

And, of course, you were not aware that other “team” members were unlicensed? You came to work every day and never wondered why those people did not display certificates or licenses? Well, you callously even lied to me about the nature of your crime, a fact that was on public record….

rodney’s letter to me:


You and I have never met but I was recently made aware of your website dedicated to publicizing your experience at Doctor Bittner’s office. I would like to start by saying that I am sorry that you were so unhappy with your results. I am an employee in Doctor Bittner’s office and I must say that the vast majority of our patients are pleased with their results.

My name is Rodney Davis and I work as a Physician Assistant. Unfortunately for me, the information that you have posted on the internet about my past is completely incorrect and is hurting my family and my reputation. I am not a convicted felon and my license was never suspended. I have a probationary license due to a fairly common application error. This all stems from a “disorderly persons” offense that occurred when I was 18 years old. I am now 33 years of age and have never had any legal or professional acts of misconduct since the age of 18. According to the Medical Board of California I should have mentioned the above incident on my application even though the question specifically asked about any prior misdemeanors or felony convictions. Rather than wait for up to year to clear up the accusation I agreed to a probationary license. My wife and I had already moved here from N.Y. before I learned of the application problem, otherwise I would have challenged the Medical Board’s decision.”>

Seriously? a common mistake_ from the application:  “Have you ever been convicted or pled nolo contendere to any violation (including misdemeanor or felony) of any local, state, or federal law in any state, territory, country, or U.S. jurisdiction?….you are required to include a conviction that has been set aside and dismissed or expunged. Can it be any clearer?

First, we DID meet. He was in the room before my surgery and was part of the prep.

The CA medical board has records of causes and action’s that can be accessed online. Sadly, much of the info on each “professional’s” listing is self-reported and rarely validated by the board. Also, complaints and charges are never listed, only convictions. Settle with those who sue you and no one ever knows, no matter how heinous the crime.

Here is what one patient says:

I actually had a surgery scheduled with Pacific Lipo a couple of months ago. I put a deposit down with Stephanie (I did not get her last name) and she booked my appointment right away. I am wondering if this is the same Stephanie that worked for Bittner.
The day before my appointment with PA Rod Davis flat out denied any wrong doings or working under Dr. Bittner.
It was very suspicious to me why a PA would conduct invasive surgeries with our an actual doctor there. This office needs to be shut down before someone gets hurt.

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June 30, 2011

IF YOU USED CARE CREDIT TO PAY ALAN BITTNER, or whatever name he was using at the time :)

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I keep telling everyone that there is strength in numbers! Here is yet more proof. I have received information from a victim that was able to get her money returned.

Before you read further: It is important that everyone who DID NOT FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE MEDICAL BOARD…TO FILE ONE NOW!!!!!!!! PLEASE! Also, those of you who might get a refund from Care Credit because of this information, please consider reserving 10% of your refund for a future fund to help others. I don’t have one set up, but am hoping that we will be able to start one later. If you are successful and want to pay it forward, please contact me when you get a refund. I’ll research and set up the proper fund to ensure everyone that this is all above board.

So here is the info that I received from a very lovely lady:
“Hello B-Victims I want to share with all of you my contact infromation. I have filed a report with the Medical Board & CAState Dept. of Consumer Affairs. I will start sharing ALL the information I have regarding Bittner! I successfully was cleared from all of the medical charges by Bittner with CareCredit. I’ll also post information to help Bittner victims to be cleared of their medical bills with CareCredit.

DCA – State of CA Dept of Consumer Affairs c/o Jane Kreidler/Correspondence Unit 1625 N. Market Blvd. Suite #N-112, Sacramento CA 95834(916) 574-8643 My File NO. #MB2008496

Medical Board of CA Central Complaint Unit c/o Sharlene Smith My File Case No. 062008196285 (916) 263-2522”

CareCredit – Fraud Investigation Unit contact: Richard Glick (937) 534-6937 Address: PO Box 981127 El Paso TX 79998-1127 Let him know that ACCOUNT ending in #5276 has been cleared of Bittner Fees that you are also another Bittner Victim.

June 6, 2011


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If you traveled from another state for your surgery, please contact me immediately!

June 5, 2011

Interview News and Care Credit information

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A huge thanks to all of you who met today. Things went very well and there are some great possibilities in the works for those who attended. There may also be a source for some help to other victims, but it will take some time.

A note to all victims who used “Care Credit.” I was reported that some victims who used Care Credit to finance their surgery were able to recover some loss directly from Care Credit. If you used it you should investigate that possibility.

Everyone who attended today will tell you that if you don’t speak up and try to fight back, you never have a chance to win. Keep fighting!

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