Another Dr. Craig Alan Bittner Victim

June 10, 2013


I just received information about a couple of current business ventures that the bittner-darcy-smiths have kept hidden from the courts. Anyone with more information please contact me immediately.

Craig Bittner, Alan Bittner, Craig Smith, Alan Smith, Stepahnie Darcy, Kitty Darcy, Stephanie Bittner, Stephnie Smith, Kitty Bittner, Kitty Smith are all likely aliases. I have been told that they may have an interest in My Shape Lipo, Sneakpeek Ultrasound and various other liposuction and ultrasound clinics although their names may not appear on licensing and LLC filings.

They are claiming to have little or no income so we need more leads!

Please let me know if you have any information ASAP!


April 26, 2009

Fixing some of those post-lipo bumps.

I have stumbled across a process that is effective in reducing some of the ugly bumps left by bittner’s team. It is a pretty simple process and I have seen about a 30% improvement in 6 treatments.

I exercise every day and recently found this method while researching exercises for the face as an addition to my workout. I originally  had the lipo to attack some stubborn areas that waere keeping me from moving well and getting a good workout. Remember that I have also had numerous corrective surgeries since bittner’s disaster and corrected a large amount of the damage that way. Sadly, even after corrective surgeries, there are still some ugly areas. Don’t get me wrong, they are minor compared to how bittner left them, but still the gouging and scarring are deep and they would have required very complicated and delicate surgery to repair…if they could be repaired.

In my search for a total workout for an old lady like myself, I found myself researching (among other programs) “Facercise” by Carole Maggio. I noticed that she had a procedure and DVD called “No Lipo Lipo.” I was curious. I ordered the DVD and queried Carole about NLL’s use on victims of botched lipo. She kind and helpful. She offered to see me to evaluate the situation. I have not had time to go, but did start using the method at home. Carole has a Spa in Redondo Beach, California and these treatments are offered there. She created the DVD so women who could not access the spa could use the method at home (the spa treatments are very reasonable priced, so if you live close, consider getting the whole spa experience!)

So,  a few caveats:

  • This is essentially a method of massage with a simple, but unique, design and approach. I would gladly share the method with everyone, but I respect Carole, her work and her kind support. The DVD is $39. That is a small price to pay for the knowledge that she worked hard to formulate. I would ask  those of you that try it, please don’t reveal the method to others, Carole deserves benefit from the sale of  her DVD’s. I believe she has provided a simple tool that can help people who don’t want to have lipo and those of us who had disasterous surgeries. Please respect her work and give her the credit she deserves.
  • The method is so simple that my first impression was “yeah..uh huh…that’ll work….not.” After I thought about it for a while, I began to see that from a purely mechanical persepctive that perhaps there was some validity to the method, especially for the lumpy remains of bittner-cide. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity, I have gotten some great results! This method is effective to decrease lumps and smooth over poochy areas.
  • The video does not put you through the process as intensely as the spa treatments. In the spa, Carole tells me that they do 120 strokes per area. I think this is neccessary to get good results are bad areas. That said, doing it yourself is not going to be as effective and having someone else do it unless you just have one or two areas that are  easy to reach. If you can’t go to the spa, enlist the help of your significant other or a very good friend.
  • Concentrate on your worst areas. There is nothing wrong with simply applying the method to your own particular tough spots instead of or in addtion to the whole program.
  • I do feel a little discomfort and some tiny pains at times in some areas during the treatments. This is probably from a variety of issues:
    •  I have fibromyalgia…my socks hurt my ankles! Fibro patients have widespread body pain and tender areas that hurt without any cause and points that are expecially tender. The insides of my legs are particulalry tender.
    • In some areas I think that the scarring from da bit-ler makes the areas more tender.
    • Lastly, my husband is very strong and enthusiastic. He gives the best ultra deep massage! I often have to ask him to back off a bit!

$39 is a small price to pay for the results I have gotten in just 6 treatments ( 2 times a week). The weird little pooch/pucker around my naval has decreased about 50%. The three bumps on my right hip about 30%. My stomach is not as dimpled as it used to be, perhaps 20% less. I often use my Footlog before the NLL, but stopped after Carole told me that the spa does 120 strokes. I believe that this process “unclumps” the fat cells somewhat and smooths the connection to the skin. That is just a layman’s persepctive, but it describes the results I have gotten.

If you have bumps and lumps, you owe it to yourself to at least buy the DVD and try it. If you live near the Spa, try the spa package! Remember that you need to do about 120 strokes and it is more effective if someone does it for you. Don’t be afraid to deviate from the video’s basic body map in order to address those areas that you need to affect.

I am thrilled with the results and even if there is no further improvement, it was well worth the purchase. Please try it and let me know how it works for you!

September 26, 2008

Lipospecialists, Irvine, Ca or

Beware that Lipospecialists, may be a new business that is being opened by Dr. Bittner.

Notice that the website looks suspiciously similar and some of the “client” photos….are the same on both sites! It is very possible, and there are some features that are identifiable, that many of the good photos (on both sites) are of current and former staff members. Unfortunately, the staff photo is not the same as the one that existed 6 months ago. Check my website and I will post the original photo soon. There are also some websites that allow you to check old versions of sites, but I can’t remember the names. Later.

Also very interesting. The new site shows an “actual” customer on the homepage banner named “Sienna.” I am sure she is not the only “Sienna” in California, but I did have a woman named “Sienna” who wrote me about her “friend’s mother” who had a similar experience as wanted to sue for damages. After law suites and complaints were formally filed and I kept her updated on the happenings, she stopped communicating at all. Nothing concrete here, but it is an unusual name. Interesting.

“Lipospecialists” may have offices in La Jolla, Santa Maria, Santa Monica, Sacramento besides the one in Irvine. Dr. Bittner has a blog in Alabama and there seems to be some reference to his name in Kansas. Very interesting…….

August 26, 2008

Blogging, Message Boards, Forums, Make Me Heal and Plasmetic

Lumps, bumps, dents and other ugly stuff!

Lumps, bumps, dents and other ugly stuff!

Please vist or!

We would all like to believe that what we read on the net is true. Life is never that simple. Business sites always put their best face forward, even if they have to lie to do it. So we look to blogs, forums and message boards to see if we can find other information that either supports or contradicts the claims of those who want us to spend our money on their products and services. Sadly, even these resources can be deceptive.

Critics/complainers: People who are unhappy will sometimes post their complaints on the net. Research shows that most people do not take the time to do so, many never even voice their complaints to the source of the problem. This means that for every negative comment you find, there are probably dozens more that are not published; perhaps hundreds. However, some of these negative comments can also be greatly exaggerated or completely fabricated by angry customers or former employees. How do you know what is true? It is not easy.

  • First, consider the overall complaint. Is someone mad because they did not get the toy they wanted in their kid’s meal? (yes, I have seen this!) Or did they lose lots of money on something that did not perform properly? Was their safety threatened? Were laws broken?
  • Second, what information is provided? Is it an emotionally charged opinion of how bad something was? Or a simple, basic, detailed description of the events that allows the readers to form their own opinions? Is the author just bad-mouthing, calling names and using strongly suggestive language….or fairly benign terminology?
  • Lastly, is there any evidence? Pictures, documents, links, contact information? Have they spent more time and money to correct the problems?

Businesses: We should all be aware that those who wish to sell us goods and services will tell us how wonderful their product is and conveniently leave out any negatives. We call this “advertising.” AND…the internet has provided a forum for a whole new level of self promotion that is even more dishonest than flashy ads with promises of amazing results. Where does this happen? In the same blogs, forums and message boards that we use get help from other consumers. Some of the deception is downright sick. While some companies monitor internet communications in order to improve and address customer issues and complaints, others are using them to distort, manipulate and further their shameless self-promotion. It happens with cell phones, internet providers and medical “professionals.”

Yes, it’s true. Staff members and employees hired just to “blog” pose as satisfied customers and tell, big, fat, fabulous lies about how great product “X” is. Sometimes they even claim to have resolved an issue hoping that the customer will not “keep up” with comments on the site. Still, others pose as satisfied customers/supporters who try to discredit those with legitimate complaints.

Another method that businesses use to censor customer comment is to advertise or otherwise “fund” the “public” message site. You guessed it, any negative complaint or experience will be removed with claims of “legal protection.” Funny though, negative feeback about businesses who are not “associated” with the site can usually still be found. Take a look, is the doctor you are researching a paid advertiser on your forum? Hmmmmm……..

One last method of manipulating public resources is to have an employee or customer who may have received free products or services function as the “moderator” of the group. Zing! Any post or person that knocks their benefactor is removed with some silly excuse.

How do I know this? It’s in the news. Better minds than mine have researched and proved it. It has happened to people I know. It has happened to me. I have been banned from Make Me Heal and censored on Plasmetic, for nothing more than posting the URL to my website. Can I prove who or why?……..

No. But it does not take “proof” to see that there is some shady reasoning behind some of the events. There are others who have been banned or censored as well, for posting their own experiences with the very same “business” as I have. Take time to read some of the posts from very questionable “happy patients” who write with fairlytale raves, just in the nick of time to counter comments by an unhappy patient. I have received many letters from people for whom the authenticity of these posts is suspect. It’s not just me…others think they are suspicious too!

On the subject of Dr. Bittner, there have been several people who have suspected that there is some funny business going on in some of the medical message boards and “public” forums. Has it been proved? Not yet. Maybe never. But, how many centuries did it take until people believed the world was not flat? Surprisingly, there are still some who still think it is flat! No kidding!

Better yet, find the post on Plasmetic ( where a “patient” claims that my website is “bogus” because I have links to my “other personal sites” and on them..and I have a lot of “drama.” It seems I have been fighting with and bad-mouthing my neighbors. As a leader in our neighborhood watch, I shared this with some of them, we laughed until we cried. Notice that when “someonenew” was questioned about the “other sites” to which she referred..the thread was soon closed. Why doesn’t Plasmetic want readers to discuss this doctor unless they are “happy?” Are those happy patients real? or employees? Do you want to ignore the bad work that a doctor does just because he may have done some good work? Is it worth the risk? If you are unlucky enough to have bad results, do you want to be turned away for corrections? HAVE YOU SEEN MY PICTURES? Patients should be able to expect RESPONSIBLE care from a doctor. More importantly, a patient should be informed if the doctor is going to have someone else perform the surgery BEFORE they lie on the table! (rant over)

I was shocked over hearing about this claim of ” links to “other sites”, “drama” and my neighbors! How could someone(new) be stupid enough to make a claim that ANYONE could immediately prove false by simply searching the site for these imaginary links? What other “personal” sites are linked on I don’t recall ever linking any. But the sad truth is that people do not often stop to think or to verify information they read. And “someonenew” was banking that there were enough stupid people who would believe the claim. Will you be a victim of her assumption?

This is a very personal issue, an important one, that needed to be addressed in order to help others. Check it out…do you see links to my “personal sites?” Please, do check it out…expecially the links to the Medical Board disciplinary action pages and Los Angeles court pages. Those are real. Read the story, see the pictures.

Most importantly, think critically when you surf the net. Be aware of posts that sound suspicious, threads on “public” forums that seem to be too one-sided and stories that provide no evidence. That is why I made my site, so that I could provide the facts without censorship. Am I a drama queen who fights with her neighbors and posts it to her personal sites?..or someone who provides real information that you can verify with an attorney and government offices? If you think the former, can you help me get and agent? ….cause, baby, it takes a real dedicated actor to do what it took to get those photos! Again, see the site, decide for yourself and share the information with others.

When you look for help in forums, question what you see…….Is important consumer information being censored on your forum?

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