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April 6, 2011


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The illustrious dr. craig alan bittner pled guilty to a felony on Monday. He has an opportunity to knock that to a misdemeanor in 2 years. He also loses his license for 5 years and must pay restitution to his victims in the amount of their original surgeries. The nasty stephanie darcy pled guilty to a felony and also has the 2 year option. The equally creepy jonathan martin pled to a felony and has the opportunity to have it dismissed in one year.

WHAT’S RIGHT: Unlike his fraud case for his previous company, this time he was punished. (The last time he was charged, he shut down the company rather than face the music.) Things seem to be going downhill as tIme goes on. While his license is surrendered, no other state will grant him a license as CA notifies them all and there is a general agreement between states on such an issue. In order to get his license back, the CA Medical Board will investigate the facts surrounding the case. In such cases, the Board rarely grants a new license.  Please keep in touch and I’ll let everyone know when he can apply again. At that time, letters sent to the Board will have a great impact on their decision. In 2 years letters to the court may also help to keep them from granting a reduction of the count of felony to misdemeanor. Please join the FB group , you can create an alternate profile to protect your identity and will be notified when letters are needed and if any further legal action can be taken.

That victims will receive some monies is a start, but is not enough.

WHAT’S WRONG: For starters, the fact that a plea bargain was struck is wrong. Equally wrong is any opportunity for a reduction or dismissal of any of the felonies. Why CA would even consider letting a person who performed multiple felony surgeries on uninformed patients without licensing the opportunity to dismiss that felony is beyond me.

Equally wrong is the conditions of restitution. Refund of the original surgery fees is insulting. I have already paid almost TWICE the original fee for corrections and have at least another $10K more to go. That comes out to THREE TIMES the original cost. Ms. Chen, we should be made WHOLE!

craig alan bittner is still able to be a partner in other clinics and hold up to 49% of the interest. He is NOT allowed to see, manage or otherwise be involved with patients, their files or their care. Anyone who finds that he has an interest in any new medical ventures at all or that he is violating the patient care restrictions is welcome to forward the information to me or the Medical Board. The Board will be following any reports about his activities.

Stephanie Darcy and Rodney Davis are reported to be working at PacificLipo. Why anyone would hire them is beyond me. That makes me suspect..(“suspect”, note the qualifier)…that perhaps (again a qualifier)  the clinic is owned either partly by bittner or by a cronie of his. My guess is that my suspicions are a bit more than possibly valid.

WHAT’S NEXT: I am also investigating the possibility of a class action suit for actual damages. Please join the FB group and subscribe to this blog so you can be included in any further legal action and to help keep his license revoked.  If you change email addresses, please update them in both  places. It will be very important for your voices to be heard when the courts and Medical Board are considering changes to the counts and licensing.

DOCUMENTRAY: There is a documentary being made by a BH Plastic Surgeon. It will address the issue of doctors like bittner, him in particular, how to avoid them and possibly how the legal system does not punish them enough. The producer has agreed to blur or darken faces at your request. If you would like to be part of the group to be interviewed, let me know. They have accepted my request to put a group together and have a mass interview and for me to have final edit on our section to keep everyone safe.  Many of us around a table will help to emphasize the number of victims and will personalize the interview greatly. The Board will get access to the documentary and I have it on good authority that it will be VERY helpful to keep his license from being recovered.


July 23, 2010

Arrests / Medical Board case update

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UPDATE – 4/4/2011: BITTNER PLEADS TO FELONY. I just received an email from ADA Belle Chen. Once again, California has failed to properly punish another criminal. Ms Chen agreed to a plea bargain. bittner and darcy pled to felonies. bittner will lose his license for only 5 years and both  will have a chance to knock it down to a misdemeanor in 2 years. Jonathan pled to a felony (this guy was performing surgery with absolutely NO MEDICAL LICENSE at all) and can earn a dismissal in a year. I was told that not enough victims were willing to testify, he counted on victims being too embarrassed to come forward.

bittner can reapply for his license and I know we all hope that he is denied reinstatement. Everyone should write to the Medical Board and ask that reinstatement be denied when that happens. I am personally appalled by the small slap on the hand that has been levied to someone who has such a history of questionable behavior.

So to recap: The state of California feels that all of you who were operated on by unlicensed people, who were drugged after being promised that you would not, who were sold services after you had been medicated and have been suffering from the damage done to your bodies…have only been “harmed’  by a “misdemeanor”.

Write letters to the DA and medical board, spread the news and help to keep the public informed that these people can easily be back in business in a couple years. I am once again ashamed to be native Californian. Hopefully, my trip to the East next week will result in purchase of property in a state that does not let criminals like this off with such a light punishment!

I am investigating whether or not we can sue for damages at this juncture. If you would like to be included in a possible law suit, please contact me.

UPDATE – 3/29/2011: I have received notes saying that the court case is beginning today. Three victims have told me that they will be testifying and I’m confident that there are more. Because my story was public, it is doubtful that I will be called, so we are all counting on those of you who are brave enough to join forces and see justice done.

If you have not filed a complaint, please go to and scroll to the “medical board” links to connect with the complaint process. It is fast and easy to do. The number of complaints will have an affect on the case, especially those that are currently coming in. I have been told that bittner’s pockets are deep and his attorney will no doubt pull out all the tricks in the book to defend him. It’s up to those of you who have been hurt to stand up and create a stronger front. If you know anyone else who was harmed, please pass this information on.

If you are a witness, remember to be strong, careful and honest in your testimony. The real facts alone will win out and the defense will be trying to pick apart or disprove anything you say. Honesty is always the best policy. You have all been hurt, but you also need to be strong enough to dispel the defense’s accusations that your emotional state might make you an unreliable witness.

The ADA handling the case is Belle Chen.  If you were harmed or feel the need to contact her with your story or your concerns, her email is: phone: 213-580-8769. If you decide to phone, I believe  it is a good idea to back it up with an email.

As always, feel free to post the url to this blog and to the website on your Facebook pages, websites and other internet places so that the information reaches as many possible victims.

Arrests/Licenses: According to a reliable source, all of the BHL unlicensed staff has been arrested. Warrants were issued. Some members gave themselves up and some were served. One member of the team was served in a hospital room where he was recuperating from a motorcycle accident. Too bad it was his own fault rather than a dose of his own “medicine” that landed him there. It appears that most or all of the staff is planning to testify against  bittner. Again: this is news that was told to me. I have no actual verification, but considering the source it is a good possibility.

There are some who have claimed that all of the staff have lost the few licences that were actually valid. While many of us hope this might come to pass, no one can say for sure until the PAC says so. Currently, Rodney Davis’ license is current and renewable, but still probationary. Trevor Schmidt’s license has been delinquent since 2/28/10$LCEV2.QueryView?P_LICENSE_NUMBER=16539&P_LTE_ID=884 If anyone has been seen by Mr. Schmidt in a medical capacity at any facility since then, please notify the board. These statements are based on public record documents kept on the Medical Board’s website. No intent to falsify information has been made.

bittner:  There is proof that he, and possibly stephanie darcy, were out of the country for a time.  A  source  hired by them for a building project in Brazil puts them in an Asian country and in Brazil.  Their appearance in any other country has not been verified by any reliable sources or those directly involved in the legal proceedings. Lately, the person who was “sighting” them all over the world the loudest is now claiming that they were never out of the country. Brazil had been verified, and I feel confident about the Asian country, given the source.

It has been speculated that he may have spent some time in AZ since he fled CA. It has been confirmed that he has filed for personal bankruptcy in Pennsylvania on 8/08/2009. Ahhhhh, too bad. Just be aware that filing for bankruptcy does not mean you don’t have money…somewhere. It is very possible he is currently hiding in PA.

A new business: bittner and darcy are reported to have now opened a new sca…er… business, using darcy’s name. It is reported to be a mall imaging company, similar to the ones that he closed when the state sued him for fraud the last time. If you have any proof please send it to me.

This time he nis rumored to be  preying on expenctant mothers. I am sure that all of you  have seen the get-your-unborn-baby’s-first-picture scams in many malls. I am sure that he will spin this as an “affordable” scan for medical purposes for those without insurance;  but basically people get them for the cutsie “photos” sold by manipulating the emotions of expectant parents. Any mother on Medi-Cal is able to get scans, perhaps they do not get the cute photo collage, but there are low cost clinics that exist for medically needed procedures. Again, I have no proof of this, but it could be true.

Other news: According to a public records search, bittner was involved in an auto accident in 1986, 2 months after his 21st birthday in Florida. While he was not the driver of either vehicle, both drivers were found at-fault. Alcohol was involved and one driver was left permenantly incapacitated. This must have inspired  his “philanthropic career” to rid the world of unsightly, destructive  fat.

At 43, bittner has 25 addresses in his residential history, in the US, anyway. I think we can safely say that they were not due to military service. Of the 25, 16 of them are within the last 10 years, since his 33rd birthday. Who moves around that much?

There are also 4 judgements and liens on his record. Two have a judgment of almost 2 million dollars, and the other 2 have undisclosed amounts. The most recent, over $1,700,000 is only 6 years old! Three appear to be over medical supplies and equipment. One appears to involve real-estate, while he tried to be a realtor after Ameriscan fell apart.

Sadly, we have no idea how many  times he has been sued. When you plea-out, settle or just shut down the business to avoid prosectution, that information disappears.

July 17, 2010

News coming soon!

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I apologize, it seems my connection was lost while uploading Advancelipo pages. I don’t often work on this site if there is no news, so I just did not notice that the information failed to load. I received some news of arrests a few months ago and some more today.

Rodney Davis and AdvanceLipo:

To add to the quagmire of…less than stellar claims by AdvanceLipo……. it seems that Rodney Davis might be working for them! I received an email from a patient that had scheduled surgery with them (and cancelled it)  and wrote to tell me that the person who did her interview was Rodney Davis. Back off counselor, no libel here, check those modifiers!

I also received a letter claiming that Davis, Martin and others’ PA licenses will not be renewed and all have been arrested. The arrests were verified by a stellar source several months ago, I meant to publish earlier, but did not find the time. The license issue may very well be true, but I have yet to verify it. Note that the information was sent to me and is not a fact. The message, watch and check.

April 26, 2009

Fixing some of those post-lipo bumps.

I have stumbled across a process that is effective in reducing some of the ugly bumps left by bittner’s team. It is a pretty simple process and I have seen about a 30% improvement in 6 treatments.

I exercise every day and recently found this method while researching exercises for the face as an addition to my workout. I originally  had the lipo to attack some stubborn areas that waere keeping me from moving well and getting a good workout. Remember that I have also had numerous corrective surgeries since bittner’s disaster and corrected a large amount of the damage that way. Sadly, even after corrective surgeries, there are still some ugly areas. Don’t get me wrong, they are minor compared to how bittner left them, but still the gouging and scarring are deep and they would have required very complicated and delicate surgery to repair…if they could be repaired.

In my search for a total workout for an old lady like myself, I found myself researching (among other programs) “Facercise” by Carole Maggio. I noticed that she had a procedure and DVD called “No Lipo Lipo.” I was curious. I ordered the DVD and queried Carole about NLL’s use on victims of botched lipo. She kind and helpful. She offered to see me to evaluate the situation. I have not had time to go, but did start using the method at home. Carole has a Spa in Redondo Beach, California and these treatments are offered there. She created the DVD so women who could not access the spa could use the method at home (the spa treatments are very reasonable priced, so if you live close, consider getting the whole spa experience!)

So,  a few caveats:

  • This is essentially a method of massage with a simple, but unique, design and approach. I would gladly share the method with everyone, but I respect Carole, her work and her kind support. The DVD is $39. That is a small price to pay for the knowledge that she worked hard to formulate. I would ask  those of you that try it, please don’t reveal the method to others, Carole deserves benefit from the sale of  her DVD’s. I believe she has provided a simple tool that can help people who don’t want to have lipo and those of us who had disasterous surgeries. Please respect her work and give her the credit she deserves.
  • The method is so simple that my first impression was “yeah..uh huh…that’ll work….not.” After I thought about it for a while, I began to see that from a purely mechanical persepctive that perhaps there was some validity to the method, especially for the lumpy remains of bittner-cide. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity, I have gotten some great results! This method is effective to decrease lumps and smooth over poochy areas.
  • The video does not put you through the process as intensely as the spa treatments. In the spa, Carole tells me that they do 120 strokes per area. I think this is neccessary to get good results are bad areas. That said, doing it yourself is not going to be as effective and having someone else do it unless you just have one or two areas that are  easy to reach. If you can’t go to the spa, enlist the help of your significant other or a very good friend.
  • Concentrate on your worst areas. There is nothing wrong with simply applying the method to your own particular tough spots instead of or in addtion to the whole program.
  • I do feel a little discomfort and some tiny pains at times in some areas during the treatments. This is probably from a variety of issues:
    •  I have fibromyalgia…my socks hurt my ankles! Fibro patients have widespread body pain and tender areas that hurt without any cause and points that are expecially tender. The insides of my legs are particulalry tender.
    • In some areas I think that the scarring from da bit-ler makes the areas more tender.
    • Lastly, my husband is very strong and enthusiastic. He gives the best ultra deep massage! I often have to ask him to back off a bit!

$39 is a small price to pay for the results I have gotten in just 6 treatments ( 2 times a week). The weird little pooch/pucker around my naval has decreased about 50%. The three bumps on my right hip about 30%. My stomach is not as dimpled as it used to be, perhaps 20% less. I often use my Footlog before the NLL, but stopped after Carole told me that the spa does 120 strokes. I believe that this process “unclumps” the fat cells somewhat and smooths the connection to the skin. That is just a layman’s persepctive, but it describes the results I have gotten.

If you have bumps and lumps, you owe it to yourself to at least buy the DVD and try it. If you live near the Spa, try the spa package! Remember that you need to do about 120 strokes and it is more effective if someone does it for you. Don’t be afraid to deviate from the video’s basic body map in order to address those areas that you need to affect.

I am thrilled with the results and even if there is no further improvement, it was well worth the purchase. Please try it and let me know how it works for you!

April 9, 2009


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My  husband knows better than to lie to me, but then he has never really had a reason to do so. It is too bad that others do not. Lies come in all sizes, little ones that do no one any real harm except maybe to damage trust…big ones that can cause great damage or that come from people who should hold themselves to higher standards because of the affect they have on others. Lies are often meant to protect someone. If you are protecting someone from harm that is undeserved, then I won’t complain….if you are protecting yourself from being responsible for your own actions….I am not so forgiving.

Recently I was contacted by AdvanceLipo. There is a small note about similarities between their website and BHL on my site. I was made aware of the similarities from a post made by a reader comment on this blog. I noted the similarities, but also stated that it did not prove association.

Visit my site  for excerpts from letters and my findings on the issue….I make mistakes, everyone does, but not this time. Don’t lie to me about something I can prove just by going to your site! Now I feel compelled to address the situation further! I post facts that  I can support. If I can’t support the information, I make the best effort possible to use verbage that correctly describes the information.

February 23, 2009

Victims are not just women anymore!

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Congratualtions to RH…my first male victim! Ok ladies…and gents….you are not alone! I just recieved my first letter from a man who is secure enough to go on record (with me) as having a botched surgery by bittner’s team. ( I believe I had a letter from a woman whose husband or boyfriend has trouble too, but this is the first direct letter from a man!)

Women possess a certain type of bravery that few men ever attain. That is not to say that men aren’t brave. When it comes to physical danger and business they ceratinly have it over us gals! But few people are universally honest in this world and men find it harder to fess up about feelings or a little nip or tuck… hat is off to RH!

If he can do it so can the rest of you…men and women! Speak up! If you received any kind of questionable care or had poor results, PLEASE go on record with the California Medical Board by filing a complaint! It is so easy to do..find info here: 

The investigator is dedicated to pursuing this case even though the mighty bittner is hinding out. The sheer number of recorded complaints may have a very important effect on the proceedings..don’t be left out! 🙂

I am still accepting short statements from each victim for the site. I would love to see one place where a few sentences with some basic info and two little initials to indicate the author can be a testament to the incredible situation that we are all involved in. Proof that there are not just a few of us. I currently have 908 emails in my “lipo” folder.  Although they are my property and I could legally publish any of them, I refuse to be so disrespectful to all of you. I hope you will consider making a short statement to the world!

Please share and publish the website and blog URL’s with anyone, anywhere that you can. Let’s increase awareness and keep him from hurting others in the future…anywhere!

January 21, 2009

Private investigators

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As you may have read on the update in the “news” post, it seems Doc B is hiring private investigators to try and get the goods on us terrible patients who are scheming and trying to ruin him for no reason at all. Girls, make sure you you don’t dash to the store in your slippers…how embarrassing!

Bring it on “alan”:

  •  I don’t own a single window covering in any rooms of my house save the bathrooms and master bedroom. I don’t have much to hide. However, filming INTO a house is illegal,……gosh, perhaps I should start wearing makeup when I leave the house now. LOL, like I would change for you……
  • I support the military and the rights of gays to marry. I don’t believe that who a person loves affects anyone but the two of them. I have no fears that my family, or my husband will change their sexual orietnation because they see someone else doing it. If they do, it has nothing to do with anyone but them. I am not stupid enough to believe that gay people can “turn” someone else. A homosexual preditor is no different than a heterosexual preditor.
  • I have never been arrested.
  • I love cats and dogs.
  • I precycle, recycle and bring my own bags. I pick up my dogs’ “droppings” with newspaper instead of plastic when walking them. I dontate to environmental charities and do what I can without being too fanatical. I drive a good sized truck (once used for business) but only put gas in  every 2-3 weeks. All my light bulbs are CF’s.
  • I wear expensive athletic shoes and inexpesive clothing…my feet and back are more important than the labels on my clothes.
  • I wear artificial nails that barely clear the tips of my fingers and my haircolor is not natural…I was a blonde in my youth, it is easier to be a redhead now that I am older and my  natural color is not quite as light as it used to be. I even have some grey hairs! 
  • I am registered Independent. I could care less what any party says, I judge each candidate and issue independently, party affiliations don’t influence me.
  • I have a couple of tattoos.
  • I went to a Baptist school, but have a fairly ecclectic and independent view of religion. I believe in science as fact, as faith as a personal choice.
  • I have two “c’s” on my college transcripts, physics in JC and a psych class in which the professor lost my final paper…twice….he just did not tell me about the second time.
  • I am married to a retired, disabled veteran, almost 30 years service. We fly the Flag 24/7–lighted at night. I still wear a Vietnam era POW bracelet. In the late 1990’s they found the guy whose bracelet I wore since high school, his name was Captain David May. Now I honor CDR Joseph Dunn.
  • I had never used a PC until about 4 years ago. I am a poor typist.
  • Some people like me and some people hate me. I have a fairly low tolerance for lying, cheating, stealing or abusing..of any sort….and I am pretty vocal about it. I care when people park illegally in the handicapped spaces….and I will notify the police. Also, wheelchair ramps are not for parking shopping carts! I  care about doing the right thing more than I care about who “likes” me.
  • I have a glass of wine or two every so often, not regularly. I like the cheap lambrusco from Trader Joe’s.  I have a beer 2 or 3 times a year…Corona, 3 limes, real cold.
  • I wear sunscreen daily and have not “sunbathed”  in over 25 years.  I burn easily and was never much of a sunbather or beachgoer.  I can swim, but don’t really enjoy it.
  • I weigh about 20 pounds more than I would like to.
  • If you want to catch me at the gym, my current scehdule is: M-train in the moring or afternoon-depends on my trainer’s schedule–T: TKD at 11, about 6 pm for cardio and strength–W-training or just cardio morning or afternoon–TH-TKD 11, gym 6 pm, F: yoga at 9 am, cardio after–S: yoga at 11-cardio/strength after–Sun: usually something late morning. I am off this week because of MORE corrective surgery last Friday, but I think I will go and do light cardio while my hubby trains. My trainer’s name is Jim, please make an appointment to speak with him….. and it is really not fair that you take up his time without paying his hourly rate, try to be considerate 🙂
  • I had a breast reduction in 1986. I was a 30 DD before.
  • I take Tae Kwon Do lessons on tuesdays and thursdays. I can say: Kamsa hamneh da/thank you. There is no truth to the rumors that I have been selling arms to the North Koreans.
  • I am a chocoholic and have never been able to complete all 12 steps.
  • My big toe is longer than my second toe and I only have very tiny nails on my little toes.
  • I eat red meat, but I never did eat that cheesburger that “steph” told me I should eat after my surgery.
  • I have a library card.
  • I buy used paperback books.
  • I don’t know how to whistle.
  • I like broccoli, but hate shellfish and crustaceans of any kind.
  • My dad was a dentist, but I did not have braces until I was 28.
  • I had trainging wheels on my bike until I was 12.
  • I can ice skate, but I can’t roller skate.
  • I don’t think South Park is funny.
  • I did not see “From here to Eternity” until I was 50.
  • I separate CRV recyclables from my city-run recycling and give them to a neighbor instead.
  • I had my nose pierced in the early 70’s.
  • I was a cheerleader in high school, but loathe professional sports…even baseball.
  • I wear bifocals.
  • I once went to a Bananarama concert.
  • I can belch like a man.
  • I listen to country music.
  • Watching “I Love Lucy” makes me anxious.

This was real fun, if you need anymore info have your people call my people. I am so thankful that you think I am such a fascinating person!

Oh I almost forgot! I am getting a hairrcut..maybe a perm…. later this week or next. I am considering going quite a bit shorter, what do you think?

If you want to make enemies, try to change something.-Woodrow Wilson



November 14, 2008

NEWS-news and website updates 1/20/09

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See all info at:


April 10-New Site additions:

Recently I was contacted by AdvanceLipo about a mention of similar design and pictures on their site. Read about my findings on the website. You can access the page from the title section of any page.

I am gathering excerpts from letters sent to me by former patients, so far I am only to the “I’s” and have filled 2 web pages with pieces of letters. I am editing out personal and uneccessary information and will not post the pages until I am finished.

***See the new “Facts” page and new “Before & After ” pics!

The Medical Board of California served a warrant on Dr. Bittner’s Beverly Hills Office today, seizing medical records, documents, videos and other evidence in their investigation against him. Patients were turned away as the investigators conducted their investigation.

A news story is expected today on KCBS Action News at 5 pm.

It’s about time!

*UPDATE 11/24: It seems that bittner is still trying to save his license with some dirty tricks. He is mailing letters to doctors that have been cleaning up his mess and accusing them of having “stolen” patient files. Additionally, it seems that he has hired private investigators to “track” some of us who are speaking up..loudly. BTW, my medical records were finally found…not that they are of any value to me personally…….

 *UPDATE 11/24: New version of news story aired tonight.

*UPDATE 11/18: I have been informed by a reliable source that Dr. Bittner has fled the country. It is thought that he may be “organizing” the funds that he holds in offshore accounts. It is not known if or when he will return. There is a new “FACTS” page on the website.

UPDATE 11/17:   Agents also served warrants to search the Bittner’s home and vehicle as well!
UPDATE 5:47 pm-11/14:  News cast was great! Story will run at 9/9/10 pm on Channel 9 as well. Expect a full story sometime next week.

MORE: Link to news video: This video is now in the archives. Type “raid” into the video search box. The title of the video is: “Exclusive: Plastic Surgery Office Raid”

PHONE CALL 11/17: At about 2:14 this morning I got a phone call from an unidentified number. Our phone service sends unidentified calls directly to voice mail. It was short. A male voice said “bitch.” Three guesses, the first two don’t count. Very mature and professional! So that is what “bitch” means! A person who tells the truth and refuses to lie down and be a $10 doormat for a greedy person who breaks laws and take advantage of others! So it is official, I am a bitch! I can live with it. 

TO ALL FORMER PATIENTS:  Regardless of your results, if you feel violated knowing that those perfoming your surgery and provided care may have not been licensed to do so, your testimony is needed. Please contact this author with details/names if you can identify the people who did your consultation, provided care, gave you medication/anesthesia or performed surgery on you.    Keywords “former patients.”

October 10, 2008


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As always, SUBSCRIBE to the blog! and please find complete updates and information at: (beware of immitations! 🙂 )

I just had my 3rd corrective surgery a week ago. Read about it and see new pics of damage to legs here:

See for news and all embedded links.

Franchises/ LLC’s:

The folks at Beverly Hills Liposculpture have recorded 3 new LLC’s, limited liability companies. Officer’s/member’s personal assets are protected from litigation. They take a salary out of the profits and are able adjust it so that the company itself has minimum assets. This can leave the company with little resources to pay damages for negligence or other compensible offenses.

For information go to : and type “Lipospecialists” in the LLC text box.

Take notice of the agents for service and addresses for the new LLC’s.

  • Stephanie Darcy is rumored to be the doctor’s wife or girlfriend and was the marketing director at Ameriscan.
  • Selwyn Gerber is a CPA, and seems to be the founding partner of another local “investment” firm as well as an officer for the Jewish Community Foundation and a teacher at the University of Judaism in Bel Aire. (Although only one student has “rated” him..hmmmm). His Amazon nickname is “offshorepro.” While there is nothing wrong with making and saving money, being able to “store” money out of the country certainly has some ethical issues. And folks wonder why we have an economic crisis??? If we send it to other countries we certainly aren’t helping ourselves. Bring it in, don’t send it out! But more importantly, offshore accounts are very often used to hide money, not something I would brag about.
  • There also seems to be some discrepancies in the LLC`addresses and it is possible that the Sacramento address might belong to a rabbi. Nice…..relgion helping to hide and misdirect…or at least it seems so.
  • There is some question that the changes and new “clinic” sites might have been made in order to further conceal associations with the original clinic and patient complaints.


As silly as it sounds, this was actually proposed in Norway in 2005. Of course, our good doctor never misses a chance to make a buck and capitalize on the pain of others. (Women and men who look to lipo usually do so because they have some pain about the shape of their bodies, some warranted, some not. The let’s talk about the physical pain….)

  • Consent?: The doctor seems to be saving on gasoline in his vehicle. But I wonder if the fat he is using is from people who CONSENTED to such a use? And, how would anyone know? Once it is used there would be no way to verify consent.
  • Approved by the EPA?: There also seems to be a question whether this proceedure is approved under any federal office.
  • Dangers?: This doctor does no biological pre-screening on his patients (or didn’t in the known past). How do we know that there are not contagions that might be dangerous? Is he payinbg for testing of every bottle of fat?
  • Environmental Do-Gooder?: Of course he is trying to make us all think that he is doing his part to “go green.” Does anyone really believe this? There have been a few medical discussion board posts supporting this, but they all seem to be members that many people believe are the doctor and his employees. The most salient issue here is safety and legality. Given Ameriscan, reinventing himself as “the” liposuction wizard, changing company names and forming LLC’s under suspicious registry, law suites for negilgence and false advertising, and lipodiesel; the environment is probably just a convenient vehicle to a bigger offshore bank accunt. If the doctor is so green, why is he putting lipodiesel into his…SUV?

I can’t help but conjure up the picture of a basement laboratory and severed body parts…….and I vote FOR stem cell research!

This topic was discussed on a Plasmetic board, but there were some inappropriate comments made on one post. The thread was closed, however instead of removing just the one inflamitory post, others were also deleted. The most pertinenent deletion addressed a “poster” who seems to make unfounded claims against the legitimacy of those who have been harmed by Dr. Bittner. “She” also seems to have the inside scoop on his new “testimonials,” whose sites are designed by the same company who designs for the doctor.

Unsolicited or damage control?

September 26, 2008

Lipospecialists, Irvine, Ca or

Beware that Lipospecialists, may be a new business that is being opened by Dr. Bittner.

Notice that the website looks suspiciously similar and some of the “client” photos….are the same on both sites! It is very possible, and there are some features that are identifiable, that many of the good photos (on both sites) are of current and former staff members. Unfortunately, the staff photo is not the same as the one that existed 6 months ago. Check my website and I will post the original photo soon. There are also some websites that allow you to check old versions of sites, but I can’t remember the names. Later.

Also very interesting. The new site shows an “actual” customer on the homepage banner named “Sienna.” I am sure she is not the only “Sienna” in California, but I did have a woman named “Sienna” who wrote me about her “friend’s mother” who had a similar experience as wanted to sue for damages. After law suites and complaints were formally filed and I kept her updated on the happenings, she stopped communicating at all. Nothing concrete here, but it is an unusual name. Interesting.

“Lipospecialists” may have offices in La Jolla, Santa Maria, Santa Monica, Sacramento besides the one in Irvine. Dr. Bittner has a blog in Alabama and there seems to be some reference to his name in Kansas. Very interesting…….

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