Another Dr. Craig Alan Bittner Victim

June 30, 2011

IF YOU USED CARE CREDIT TO PAY ALAN BITTNER, or whatever name he was using at the time :)

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I keep telling everyone that there is strength in numbers! Here is yet more proof. I have received information from a victim that was able to get her money returned.

Before you read further: It is important that everyone who DID NOT FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE MEDICAL BOARD…TO FILE ONE NOW!!!!!!!! PLEASE! Also, those of you who might get a refund from Care Credit because of this information, please consider reserving 10% of your refund for a future fund to help others. I don’t have one set up, but am hoping that we will be able to start one later. If you are successful and want to pay it forward, please contact me when you get a refund. I’ll research and set up the proper fund to ensure everyone that this is all above board.

So here is the info that I received from a very lovely lady:
“Hello B-Victims I want to share with all of you my contact infromation. I have filed a report with the Medical Board & CAState Dept. of Consumer Affairs. I will start sharing ALL the information I have regarding Bittner! I successfully was cleared from all of the medical charges by Bittner with CareCredit. I’ll also post information to help Bittner victims to be cleared of their medical bills with CareCredit.

DCA – State of CA Dept of Consumer Affairs c/o Jane Kreidler/Correspondence Unit 1625 N. Market Blvd. Suite #N-112, Sacramento CA 95834(916) 574-8643 My File NO. #MB2008496

Medical Board of CA Central Complaint Unit c/o Sharlene Smith My File Case No. 062008196285 (916) 263-2522”

CareCredit – Fraud Investigation Unit contact: Richard Glick (937) 534-6937 Address: PO Box 981127 El Paso TX 79998-1127 Let him know that ACCOUNT ending in #5276 has been cleared of Bittner Fees that you are also another Bittner Victim.


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