Another Dr. Craig Alan Bittner Victim

April 9, 2009


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My  husband knows better than to lie to me, but then he has never really had a reason to do so. It is too bad that others do not. Lies come in all sizes, little ones that do no one any real harm except maybe to damage trust…big ones that can cause great damage or that come from people who should hold themselves to higher standards because of the affect they have on others. Lies are often meant to protect someone. If you are protecting someone from harm that is undeserved, then I won’t complain….if you are protecting yourself from being responsible for your own actions….I am not so forgiving.

Recently I was contacted by AdvanceLipo. There is a small note about similarities between their website and BHL on my site. I was made aware of the similarities from a post made by a reader comment on this blog. I noted the similarities, but also stated that it did not prove association.

Visit my site  for excerpts from letters and my findings on the issue….I make mistakes, everyone does, but not this time. Don’t lie to me about something I can prove just by going to your site! Now I feel compelled to address the situation further! I post facts that  I can support. If I can’t support the information, I make the best effort possible to use verbage that correctly describes the information.


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  1. I am an African American woman that was a victim of Bittners, and to this day I have been having major problems with both my knees and legs. And because of the huge lumps above my knees I can’t exercise the way I need to. It’s to painful and worse when the weather is cold. That man messed my life up and has caused me triple spending behind his poor practices.

    Comment by Candace Butler — April 11, 2012 @ 12:41 am | Reply

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