Another Dr. Craig Alan Bittner Victim

November 14, 2008

NEWS-news and website updates 1/20/09

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April 10-New Site additions:

Recently I was contacted by AdvanceLipo about a mention of similar design and pictures on their site. Read about my findings on the website. You can access the page from the title section of any page.

I am gathering excerpts from letters sent to me by former patients, so far I am only to the “I’s” and have filled 2 web pages with pieces of letters. I am editing out personal and uneccessary information and will not post the pages until I am finished.

***See the new “Facts” page and new “Before & After ” pics!

The Medical Board of California served a warrant on Dr. Bittner’s Beverly Hills Office today, seizing medical records, documents, videos and other evidence in their investigation against him. Patients were turned away as the investigators conducted their investigation.

A news story is expected today on KCBS Action News at 5 pm.

It’s about time!

*UPDATE 11/24: It seems that bittner is still trying to save his license with some dirty tricks. He is mailing letters to doctors that have been cleaning up his mess and accusing them of having “stolen” patient files. Additionally, it seems that he has hired private investigators to “track” some of us who are speaking up..loudly. BTW, my medical records were finally found…not that they are of any value to me personally…….

 *UPDATE 11/24: New version of news story aired tonight.

*UPDATE 11/18: I have been informed by a reliable source that Dr. Bittner has fled the country. It is thought that he may be “organizing” the funds that he holds in offshore accounts. It is not known if or when he will return. There is a new “FACTS” page on the website.

UPDATE 11/17:   Agents also served warrants to search the Bittner’s home and vehicle as well!
UPDATE 5:47 pm-11/14:  News cast was great! Story will run at 9/9/10 pm on Channel 9 as well. Expect a full story sometime next week.

MORE: Link to news video: This video is now in the archives. Type “raid” into the video search box. The title of the video is: “Exclusive: Plastic Surgery Office Raid”

PHONE CALL 11/17: At about 2:14 this morning I got a phone call from an unidentified number. Our phone service sends unidentified calls directly to voice mail. It was short. A male voice said “bitch.” Three guesses, the first two don’t count. Very mature and professional! So that is what “bitch” means! A person who tells the truth and refuses to lie down and be a $10 doormat for a greedy person who breaks laws and take advantage of others! So it is official, I am a bitch! I can live with it. 

TO ALL FORMER PATIENTS:  Regardless of your results, if you feel violated knowing that those perfoming your surgery and provided care may have not been licensed to do so, your testimony is needed. Please contact this author with details/names if you can identify the people who did your consultation, provided care, gave you medication/anesthesia or performed surgery on you.    Keywords “former patients.”



  1. I viewed the KCBS piece on my internet connection just 15 minutes past (Friday eve.) One striking point that I picked up on was that Dr. Bittner is either a fellow or a diplomate of the American Board of Radiology. For God’s sakes man! What on Earth is he doing performing interventional surgical liposuction?

    A certified plastic surgeon is the only person that should be consulted for such elective surgery. (5 years general surgery+ 2 years fellowship in plastic surgery) There is a reason behind all the training and study BEFORE acceptance in the plastic surgery fellowship. Firstly, the student/resident must be a dammed good all-around physician! Secondly, the candidate must be an excellent general surgeon with ample experience.

    This Bittner fellow appears as if he is into the practice of medicine solely for the money; yet, the real way to make money in medicine is by referral from satisfied patients and physician colleagues.

    My two cents.


    Comment by Tim Nugent — November 15, 2008 @ 6:30 am | Reply

  2. The news clip has moved to KCBS video archives. Type in “raid” in the library search menu. Story will then come up.

    Comment by Andrew Besser — November 15, 2008 @ 4:18 pm | Reply

  3. I had surgery and my stomach is really messed up too. I do not know where to start now…

    Comment by unknown — November 18, 2008 @ 2:26 am | Reply

  4. THANK GOODNESS FOR YOU! I want to express my gratitude to you. I was searching fora liposuction with minimal downtime and came across BH liposculpture. I was so excited about the before and afters i was ready to call for consultation tomorrow (although anyone that gives FREE consultations worries me – established doctor’s usually have some charge which goes towards surgery cost. I started casually googling his name and came across you site. Thank you and goof for you for standing up for what is right! It is scary how many unqualified physicians are jumping on the plastic surgery bandwagon to make more $$$. You have saved me my hard earned $$ and years of pain and corrective surgery. Please post your before and after of Dr Hellers work. I am still very interested in getting work done – but only from a qualified, ethical doctor that takes pride and shows accountability for his/her work.

    Comment by lauren — November 18, 2008 @ 4:15 am | Reply

  5. I contacted an attorney today about my situation and he said that Dr Bittner can probably get away with this because no lipo is expected to be perfect. However, I just want to be fixed and the attorney left me feeling hopeless. I contacted Susans attorney and they are not taking anymore cases. So it looks like the rest of us are just screwed and get to be fucked up looking.

    Comment by unknown — November 18, 2008 @ 5:21 am | Reply

  6. Unknown… your attorney is missing the point. If UNLICENSED employees either performed your surgery or gave you meds/anesthesia or recovered you without the direct supervision of the MD you have a viable case. Of course Liposuction is not an exact science when a physician performs the procedure… but it is negligence if he allows unlicensed personnel to perform it. Also, the fact that this physician may have used your fat to convert into fuel for his SUV is a violation of your patient rights and in blatant disregard of strict medical waste disposal guidelines. No one should be able to use your body parts or bodily tissues without prior consent anyway. You might try another attorney and make sure they know the real issues with your complaints.

    Comment by Jesse — November 18, 2008 @ 8:26 am | Reply

    • I too had surgery last Feb 2008. I have lumps. I know who did my surgery.
      He is on my myspace page. What is the next step.
      Could any one recomend a Doctor to correct my lumps.

      Comment by kelly — May 28, 2009 @ 4:07 am | Reply

  7. I too am having a difficult time getting an attorney to take my case. I am covered with massive scar tissue and HAD unlicensed staff work on me as well. I have not and will not give up. Just wish I could have seen their faces when handed the warrant. I too am waiting for a “bitch call”… I would be a very proud woman to be in your club Susan. Thank goodness this opens many eyes and will reduce the rate of disfigured people!

    Comment by woundedgirl — November 18, 2008 @ 3:38 pm | Reply

  8. I think Trevor was the one that worked on me. He also gave me extra meds because I was not relaxed at all. I was very confused that he was even working on me. But you are in so much pain and distress that you forget that the DOCTOR is not in there. Dr B came in after and did touch ups I guess. I am going to get some other doctors to look at me and tell me what they think then from there we will see. I just want to be fixed and want Dr B to pay for it. I wonder how many of us are really out there with this problem. I thought I was the only one for so long.

    Comment by unknown — November 18, 2008 @ 4:34 pm | Reply

  9. It is too bad that the State Board didn’t take his passport away! He needs to face EVERY person he’s damaged. If you find out, please let us know when more info will be on TV or elsewhere. There is strength in numbers so hopefully, someday, there will be financial compensation. Revisions become very expensive. Hang in there everyone…this is NOT the club I would have chosen but now we have to continue to do what is right so that our voices are heard.

    Comment by woundedgirl — November 19, 2008 @ 4:05 pm | Reply

  10. I cant even afford revisions, so I am just depressed. I have talked to Susan alot and I am still thinking about what I need to do. This is horrible that people are like this out there. I barely was able to afford to pay Bittner and now I have this to deal with too. I have medical bills from being in a mental hospital from HIM. After I told him I was in a hospital her sent me flowers…that paid my bills

    Comment by unknown — November 19, 2008 @ 10:05 pm | Reply

  11. Dr Bittner is closing his office Dec 23rd…

    Comment by unknown — November 25, 2008 @ 4:22 am | Reply

  12. 1. At this point I don’t think he should be addressed as “Dr.” any more–:) I stopped allowing him the respect of that title long ago!
    2. Ah gee..too bad…the 21st is Hannukah—Happy Hannukah!

    Comment by Susan — November 25, 2008 @ 5:08 am | Reply

  13. Well, folks…sorry I had to control my laughter in order to type. We just got a new comment…laughing again…at first I thought I would just not aprrove it. But here are the reasons I am posting it:
    I would be willing to bet that this comes from bittner or his staff…or a “pal”.
    It is a pretty good example of how hard they work..and how they try to do damge control.

    While you read the next comment below, consider these things:

    Has this guy seen the news? “two to three very disturbed people”..or is he unable do do 1st grade math?

    One of the biggest surgeons in BH went on record that he had seen at least 15 patients who were so damaged that he could not correct them 100%.

    I personally have received dozens of letters from women with complaints.
    And the rest of us who are spending thousand trying to correct the mess?

    The Medical Board received SO MANY complaints and got SO MUCH evidence that they raided the office and are persuing the case. The Board has to have LOTS of evidence to go that far!

    Three women were so badly damaged that they have required psychiatric help and a malpraqctice attorney took their case. Other women have claimed to have needed hospitalization, but are not part of this case.

    “Dr. Bittner has performed or supervised 7,000″–And what about all those that HE DID NOT PERFORM OR SUPERVISE (like mine) but were done by his flunkies with his approval? Also, I think that on rateMD’s he claims to have done 30,000 surgeries when referring to his lipo practice.

    Education: Are you an IDIOT? No, I did not go to Stanford, but I was accepted with a full-ride scholarship to USC many years ago. Silly young girl had other interests at the time. However, I AM intelligent enough to know that good grades and good schools DO NOT EQUAL ETHICAL BEHAVIOR!!! How many Harvard grads have ended up in jail? Are they all just “misunderstood”.

    A Stanford education make relieves you of ethical and legal behavior?—ok and the Harvard grad convicted of insider trading? Just a quick trip on the web…how many more could I find? Going to a “good” school and getting good grades jsut means you have more resources to successfully commit crimes!

    Do you really want us to believe that every person who donates or volunteers for philanthropical causes does it ONLY because they have good hearts and not to “market” themselves? Please!

    Have we forgotten that both “steph” and bittner were sued for false advertising by the DA in San Francisco, shut down and ran from that case too? (Sound familiar, does anyone beliieve the letter he sent out-see site) Innocent people do not RUN! How many “good” people have been charged, not once, but multiple times for serious crimes and “folded” because they probqably knew they were guilty and not likely to escape?

    Then–me?–sun damage? Do you see a tan line? I did a little sunbathing during my teens, I burn in 20 minutes. LOL, my stomach has not see the sunlight since the 70’s..and then it was very little.
    Tell you what, contact Dr. Heller, who has been doing my revisions and ask him if any part of my body has sun damage. I have given him permission to discuss certain aspects of my care. Besides–I have always maintianed that I did not expect to look like a 20 year old!

    Just WHAT ARE YOU IMPLYING? That there is an age limit to improving yourself? That older women do not deserve the same options for improvement that young ones do? Wait till you are 50, “steph.”

    I will admit that I was overweight. Yes, I spent two years in a wheelchair after a horrible accident. It was not known if I would ever walk again. Before that I was an avid bicyclist…weekend rides average 100+ miles. I was a cheerleader in high school. I am no slouch! It took many years of hard work and lots of physical therapy to get me to the place that I could function again. I worked..and still work..damn hard to be healthy and look as good as I can. I lost over 50 (rightfully gained) pounds before going to BHL. I have been a faithful “gym rat” for over 3 years. Currently, I go 6 days a week 1.5-3 hours at a time. 2 days all cardio, 2 days mostly weights and some cardio, 2 days yoga and cardio. Am I perfect? I never claimed to be…or to expect it. I did expect to get the best job for my situation..I did not. I never agreed or expected to learn that the job was so poor and I was so scarred that I could never get it all fixed. This IS NOT about unrealistic expectations, it is about getting quality work. During my consult, “steph” told me I was a “perfect candidate”… so don’t lay this on my door! The one “virgin” area that my competent surgeon did is beautiful!

    BUT- here is the real question: If my problem was that I was overweight..WHY did the ethical and well-educated doctor ACCEPT ME AS A PATIENT? (oh yeah, he never met me before the surgery-”steph” did my consult). If I was just “too fat”… a GOOD doctor would have TURNED ME AWAY until I lost more weight!

    Finally–and this is a doozey….UNLICENSED PEOPLE DID PROCEEDURES AND CONSULTS, no blood work was done before surgery, among other things. Good doctors do not commit crimes and break laws while dispensing treatment!!! These are facts supported by MANY, not just 2 or 3. WHY does a “good” doctor make a video showing an unlicensed person performing lipo aqnd put it on his website? Answer: He thinks there are enough stupid people who will still come and is so arrogant he thinks he won’t get my opinion.

    Get real, “STERLING,” your letter is one of those that many people, who have used BHL, and many others who were more discrimiating, justifiably believe is written by bittner or a staff member. But just in case—If anyone is seeing a doctor that may be named “Sterling,” you might want to judge for yourself about his/her character and moral aptitude. Does an intelligent person write a letter like the one below given the overwhelming facts about this issue? Does that mean he/she is calling Dr. David Amron and others a liar? It took me several doctors just to find one who would risk making his evaluation public…most doctors are very reticent to speak ill of another doctor. So if a top-notch doctor like Amron is willing to stand by his evaluation, it makes a pretty good case! it is…start laughing!

    Comment by drbittnerpatient — November 25, 2008 @ 11:28 pm
    The actual post from “sterling”:

    These baseless attacks are overwhelming in scope and magnitude, and generated from what I can best see as two to three very disturbed people, not the other 7,000 happily satisfied patients. The people who are writing this vicious garbage obviously don’t know the people that they are writing about. I have personally known Stephanie Darcy for over twelve years and Alan (Dr. Bittner) for four years. Steph and Alan don’t even remotely resemble the characterizations written of them. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so vicious.

    I have known Steph as a highly gifted, intelligent, generous and caring person that excelled in her academics and that has helped me in my endeavors volunteering with children fund raising and just figuring out the meaning of life. Steph tends to succeed in whatever she tried and gravitated to, and surrounded herself with, achievers at the top of their profession. She is creative, funny, and very low key. That website that everyone loves is written by her and that’s her voice.

    When Steph and Alan got offered a big reality show, they turned it down when other doctors were literally begging for the chance. Why? Because they don’t like drama. The worst thing I can say about her is that she is a terrible driver and his worse fault is that he does not suffer fools gladly.

    Without belaboring the matter, lets’ look at this rationally and simplify it.

    Dr. Bittner is being discounted for his Stanford, UCLA Medical, and Johns Hopkins education. I’m sorry, what? Let that sink in before attacking it again and I think we can move on without addressing it further.

    If one does erroneously choose to question his education, rest in knowing that those are some of the best medical and academic institutions in the world, period. You have to be the best of the best to get into them and realistically, posses a superior intellect—normally genius IQs and perfect SAT and MCAT scores (which he did)—and talent to get in there. To move on to the next institution means being the best of the best at the last best of the best. One does not get lucky that often, its skill and performance.

    One doesn’t graduate as the valedictorian of your class because they’re stupid. In fact, you can’t be valedictorian just by being a hard worker. The only way that you graduate at the top of your class from a top institution is to be highly intelligent and to be the best, the “best of the best.”

    If you don’t believe that, I would venture to guess you have not been at a school like Stanford or in challenging educational environment.

    Ask yourself this, where did you go to school and why didn’t you go to places like these?

    And don’t be fooled into thinking that these two grew up rich. Alan is the son of a plumber who didn’t graduate from high school and Steph grew up sans family support and paying for her own education.

    These are two very real people who are being attacked, not characters in a movie or book.

    Unfortunately, some people seem to see them and their success as a “golden goose,” an easy target to try and fleece via loopholes in the legal system and extortion and defamation via the Internet.

    So let’s look at a couple more points: Alan’s previous medical focus and procedural experience.

    Cardio radiology, simply explained, is that the best medical institutions in the world deemed Alan worthy and gifted enough to insert a instrument directly into someone’s chest right into their beating HEART!

    Again, let that sink in. If someone thinks that that’s easy, without risk, and not needing of talents, I encourage you to insert small wires and a tube in to someone’s chest, penetrate cardiovascular walls, and hope for the best and no potential problems because of the procedure’s ‘simplicity’ that anyone could do…

    Ask your favorite and most trusted general practitioner to do it. They won’t—in fact many a general surgeon wouldn’t pierce or enter the heart. That is your most serious organ and it takes a real expert, with experience, wisdom, knowledge and experience, it takes a professional.

    Superficial body fat is not the heart. Its way down the list. Way, way, way down the list.

    Liposuction itself was invented in Italy by a dermatologist and an OB/GYN, not by plastic surgeons that perform facelifts, facial resculpturing, rebuilding, eye work and orbital decompression or ‘traditional plastic surgery.’

    Liposuction, the removal of superficial fascia and fat deposits above the muscle below the derma is, while serious, not that complicated and it’s DEFINITELY simpler than heart surgery.

    Even discounting having few peers in the world educationally, Dr. Bittner has performed or supervised 7,000 procedures! That’s amazing unto itself and its more procedures than most surgeons will do in a lifetime. That alone DOES make you an expert.

    The inventors of the procedure initially performed one procedure, but as creators of the process, were then the ‘world experts.’ Yes, one surgery made them the ‘experts.’ Alan has 7,000. Even now, the physicians who invented this surgery have not done as many procedures as Alan! He has done MORE than the people who invented it. Again, let that sink in.

    To put it simply, it’s like saying that a four-time Super Bowl winning quarterback won’t be good at lacrosse, even if he plays 7000 games. Or that after pro football, he could not go back and play high school football. That player has done more and achieved more at a higher level. Its just nonsense.

    Alan’s experience at the ‘higher level’ game and the depth/quantity of that experience are testament and proof of that ability. Mind you, that is all without one single infection, one complication, one sickness or one death. It was with a perfect clinical and procedural record.

    Dr. Bittner is a surgeon, not simply someone winging it, he IS an expert. If you think that if you did something 7,000 times—never mind coming into the game already better than anyone else—that you would not become very good at it, perhaps you need to look in the mirror.

    So we have Stephanie Darcy, a highly intelligent and genuinely caring individual who is a creative marketing whiz who teamed up with one of the most talented and well educated surgeons in the country.

    I understand why people may be envious of that kind of team, but should they be condemned for being good at what they do? They didn’t steal from anybody, they didn’t kill anybody, and they didn’t promise miracles, they just offered a simple surgery at a simple price and became successful for it.

    Dr. Bittner’s skill set, academia, and medical achievements coupled with Steph’s marketing made them known. Their attention to detail, staffing, affordability, and great service made them the capitol of the procedure with thousands of satisfied patients.

    Think about it: they serviced thousands and thousands of people, only a few are unhappy (two lawsuits were proven to be by people who DID NOT EVEN have surgery, but wanted to jump on the lawsuit bandwagon) and most importantly, none are hurt.

    Unfortunately, in today’s world, there are no businesses that have thousands of clients that do not have some crazies. One of their detractors has about half a dozen other hate websites criticizing her neighbors (their homes should be seized by the police), her internet service provider, and the park dog walker who she claims should be hunted down and jailed. Should GoDaddy be forced to terminate all its service contracts? These people—and that one in particular—are CRAZY! Even Banana Republic retail stores have protest websites! They haven’t even hurt or killed anyone, they make clothing, but they have been successful and envied.

    Lastly, Alan and Steph’s detractors don’t even use their real names; have several ‘cute’ and innocuous sounding attack monikers with, get this, ‘emoticons’ (yes, that alone speaks volumes to their sanity, legitimacy, and veracity of their statements); utilize Internet loopholes in slander and liable laws versus the court system like normal decent individuals; rant like some lone assassin out to get the president sounding more like Timothy McVey, Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, John Hinckley, Charles Manson and Lee Harvey Oswald than an unhappy patient with a legitimate grievance.

    Do you seriously think that they should be “hunted down” and put into prison because a 50-year old woman with a sun damaged fat stomach isn’t perfect now? Because she does not look like pictures of 17-year old 90210 cast members? That’s ludicrous and why laws are in place and mob rule is out to protect society from crazies like this.

    The doctors and members of the staff had pets killed (paging Glenn Close/Fatal Attraction); several cars vandalized; and social security numbers stolen; identify theft perpetrated upon them; been stalked; and worse. Does that sound right or like the actions of a sane mind?

    The pathology and psychosis is simple, they hate themselves and in doing so, hate everyone and everything else. They are mad that for 50+ years they did not care for themselves—they ate as they pleased, smoked, drank in excess, never stayed fit or exercised, partied excessively, sat in the sun for hours on end and more—and can’t reverse that for $10,000.

    The reality is that they aged, we all do, but some do it more gracefully by diet, exercise, and taking care of ourselves and then getting a little touch ups here and there. Not living like Brittany and Tommy Lee and hoping to reverse that in one day. There is not enough surgery on earth to make that happen.

    Even look at their detractors’ selection of words, blog layout and syntax, I feel like I am reading a blog on an X-Files site as their clear signs of mental instability, ill pathology, delusion, and dementia. That or they are twelve. And to top it off, they run Google ads on their complaint sites to generate side revenues…what? Are you kidding me?

    In this age of technology for better or for worse its always important to take everything with again of salt and remember, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, its a duck.

    Bittner and Darcy come off like swans and their detractors like Looney Tunes’s Daffy Duck.

    Comment by Sterling — November 25, 2008 @ 10:24 pm | Reply

    • LOL, I was going over some old posts and re-read this one. Hmmm…sterling never commented? ROTFLMAO!…as the kids say!

      A few more points:

      Blog layout-template from WordPress…my first blog, don’t blame the layout on me!
      Yes, I am not a great typist, but then I’m not a professional writer..and I have not stopped my life to post, so if my syntax is off at times…it’s really about time.
      Stanford/JH–yep and I’ve gotten letters from his classmates noting that he was not a favorite son of the schools.
      Who the heck cares what his father did?..and have you paid a plumber to do any work lately? Definitely not a “poor” profession! Why does that matter? Obviously you feel that your da…I mean alan’s dad was somehow “less” because he was a plumber? What is wrong with being a plumber?
      I assume you are talking about my sites? I still can’t find one where I even mention my neighbors, but am good friends with most. Their homes should be seized? Seriously? Why?
      The “dog walker”–I should have included his name the first time. Shon Michael Rahrig–look him up. CONVICTED of animal abuse. And yes when he was local one site carried information on him….reprinted form other sites.
      2 law suites by people who did not have surgery…come on..proof? Or were they people whose records you might have destroyed?
      Did I forget to mention that this is not the first time step and alan have been sued and/or charged with crimes? That he has big judgments against him? That he was drunk and in an accident that left someone permanently injured? OH…or that he had no malpractice insurance….and all his funds were offshore so no one could recover losses?
      Emoticons? OH NO! how darned silly! NO ONE uses them..only the crazies! LOL
      Again..SUN damage? Have you even looked at my ghost-like pictures? Are those lumps from the sun too? A few months ago I had someone call me “ghost legs.”

      Sounds like a bromance here…you sure know a lot about him…steph–er..sterling.

      Stay tuned folks, there is more coming!

      Comment by Another Dr. Bittner Victim — July 7, 2011 @ 1:01 pm | Reply

  14. This comment was posted on another post on this blog, but I felt it was appropirate here too.

    Dr. Brennan |

    Background: I am a board certified neurosurgeon and fellowship ( yes 521 cases and 12 months, the real way) trained cosmetic surgeon. After trying to start a practice last year in a down economy, I have had my ass kicked and I got it kicked HONESTLY. This recession is going to literally close many cosmetic practices here in Bev Hills as they are extremely expensive to operate. I just want to make 2 points as the author of this web site has had really bad experiences. I was amazed at the rapid opening, marketing and financial success of Dr. Bittner as I heard through the grapevine that he was quickly VERY busy etc. It killed me because I was being truthful to patients about all procedures and ethical in my portrayal of the fact that these are REAL surgical procedures. I am now closing my practice and moving to Louisiana to practice full time neurosurgery feeling a bit of a failure in the “Hollywood” cosmetic surgery field. My patients (all 12 of them) are happy as hell and for that I am grateful.

    So my office manager goes over to apply for a job posting a few months ago at Bittner-land and comes back to tell me ” Oh my God!…He’s doing like 25 surgeries a day! But it didn’t look very sterile like you Dr. B and he walked me right into the rooms where the patients were getting procedures without even asking the patient if it was OK!. Well, I felt like even more of a failure as maybe my web site sucked, or maybe I just wasn’t “cute” enough or maybe, maybe , maybe…etc.
    THEN….I see this web site right here and think….”wait a minute…..are you kidding me?
    So….like the saying goes..”You reap what you sew”
    I feel SO sorry for all you patients that were duped by this bozo and his marketing staff. So bad.
    I wish I could tell you that there is some “board of being a really good, caring doctor” but there isn’t and there never will be.
    Liposuction isn’t taught in ANY university program which brings me to my second point.

    Being a board certified neurosurgeon, I’ve seen alot of action and read alot of books, as you can imagine.
    The public has fueled this skyrocketing demand for cosmetic procedures (except maybe the last year) and everyone and his brother are “specialists”

    Here is the bottom line on Cosmetic procedures in the United States.

    Board certified Plastic Surgeons…..You can graduate, be a Plastic Surgeon and never have done a cosmetic surgery in your life….God’s truth. The reason is that people don’t go to Universities to get cosmetic work done so HOW IN THE HELL ARE THEY GOING TO LEARN IT!

    Comment by drbittnerpatient — November 25, 2008 @ 11:40 pm | Reply

  15. LOL, “Sterling”, the “dog walker” was convicted of his crimes more than once (public record) and is moving in order to evade. I don’t see aqnyone asking him to be hunted down, just folks to be on the lookout and notify authorities…his information is one many sites. But then, ethical people welcome information. Do you suggest some sort of new law that allows people who commit crimes to hide them?…hmmmm..sounds like someone who has something to hide…. 🙂 smiley for you! BTW…a well accepted method of communicating feelings on the web. Hey, I didn’t write the protocol!

    AND….this “information” is from a site that I own….that no one concernign this matter would have any knowledge about–unless you got an email from my regular bittner did whe I asked him to pay for my revisions…The address that I have used for the website does not have a signature with other sites…..therefore…”sterling” is most like someone from bittner’s office…or his “pal”…in fact take a look again at “sterling’s” letter….obvoiusly someone is very “familiar..”Alan……” This letter sounds very much like those that are thought to have been “steph” posting as a patient. She loves her man…his ex-girlfriend and wife have some different stories to tell…….but I will not “dish” without permission.

    In the end… with all the evidence, and all the patients that came forward, it does seem like sour grapes from someone who has left the country rather than stay and prove himself innocent. BTW–during a settlement agreement, bittner claimed that he woud file bankruptcy rather than pay a reasonable settlement…..I have heard that he FIRED 5 attornies —two were named and posted by another party…that usually happens when you don’t want to face the legal advice they are giving you.

    Comment by drbittnerpatient — November 25, 2008 @ 11:44 pm | Reply

  16. Wow. I’m left speechless (again!) This “cutesy” couple become more transparent and sociopathic with each response. The letter they put out is like trying to defend Ted Bundy’s crime sprees with testimonials of his educational background and intelligence. Very disturbing. The man and his “marketing wiz” broke the law, disfigured multiple patients and still want us to believe they are being persecuted. And btw…interventional radiology is not surgery. It is a radiologic speciality that allows the physician to place catheters in the veins/arteries in order to inject dye and take photographs of the circulatory system. It does not allow them to practice outside the scope of their experience and perform cardiac bypasses or neurosurgeries. And most importantly, it does not give ANY physician the right to independently teach unlicensed employees to perform surgical procedures. Wait… you mean they didn’t teach that to you at Johns Hopkins or Stanford? No Medical Waste Management or Infectioin Control 101? To the writer of the Bittner and Steph’s response: liposuction is no big deal? Seems like Dr. Bittner felt the same way. IT IS A BIG DEAL TO THOSE WHOSE BODIES HAVE BEEN DISFIGURED. No physician who treats what he is doing with such non-chalance should be in medicine under any capacity. Also, I wanted to comment on the outright disrespect this letter shows to ANY patient who had a procedure in his clinic and had issues with the results. How unprofessional is that????? Oh, and all of a sudden DR. ALAN (ask him if his family calls him Alan or Craig) you seem to have a timely sense of philanthropy… get it straight… you are fugitives of the law. YOU broke the law and that is why people are “persecuting” you (Prosecuting soon I hope) not because they are “DEMENTED or FOAMING AT THE MOUTH. With no remorse I am sure that the law will do so to the fullest extent.

    Comment by Jesse — November 26, 2008 @ 1:17 am | Reply

  17. Jesse knows her stuff…I am hoping that someday she is able to identify herself and reveal how much she really knows! Thank you.
    AGAIN…so many of us are NO LONGER stupid enough not to recognize certain obvious attempts at damage control…Alan…Craig…whatever name you will go by in the future..”steph”… angers me that you have taken advantage of so many people by expecting them to be too stupid to question or speak up. I think I will make a donation to a Brazilian Rainforest conservaqncy in your name….
    ….but which of us is right? I am just a poor working midldle/class slob who does not have any offshore bank accounts…but I donate to Native Energy, several military support groups, ran in the Komen, donate time to the veterans hospital…I have donated, volunteered and participated for many more charities… if that is the criteria for honesty and could you doubt little ol’ me?

    Comment by Susan — November 26, 2008 @ 1:52 am | Reply

  18. As I am drinking my morning coffee, I was checking my email and got the letter from bh liposculpture letting everyone know that he is closing his office and going back to do his charity work in another poor country…Oh Dear God!!! Does he really believe anyone will fall for that story???

    This creep and his #2 are going to continue destroying others in Rio while living high on the hog on our blood money. I am sickened and disgusted by his lying cowardness.

    While we all have to be grateful he cannot hurt anyone else after the end of this year here in CA, I am so very saddened that none of us will be financially compensated for our revisions, pain, suffering, and scars both mentally and physically.

    It has almost been a year of this grief for me and I think this is truly hitting home as I write.

    Is anyone up for wearing mid-drift top in front of his office? We can write with a pen “DR. ALAN DID THIS ” so hopefully anyone else going in for a procedure will change their minds? We can wear wigs and sunglasses and I’ll buy the hot coffee!

    Susan, I am so sorry for the absurd lies thrown your way. Having lived your experience (like so many), I am so very curious as to just how many others are affected. Not just by a bad result that can be corrected, but for those not as fortunate.

    Comment by woundedgirl — November 26, 2008 @ 5:40 pm | Reply

  19. “steph” err..I mean Sterling08..and others.
    Want to see what a REAL humanitarian looks like?
    Meet the Hoyts:

    There are many videos here, see more than one!

    Visit their site:

    And notice that this father is not getting rich in doing what he does.

    Hey “Alan”, since you are such a humanitarian, how about paying for the surgeries I have needed to correct yours?

    Comment by drbittnerpatient — November 26, 2008 @ 6:12 pm | Reply

  20. I am 125lbs., and had four areas done: under my chin, my waist, love handles and my abdomen. Dr. Bittner did all of work himself, except for my abdomen, which a PA did. The PA assured me that he was highly trained, and that he even had done his “own wife”..
    My results are good and I healed over 3months, in all the areas Dr. Bittner did himself. My abdomen, which the PA did, is still, 6 months later, lumpy, tender and I get a random pain deep, near the right side of my belly button from time to time. Dr, Bittner’s office keeps telling me to give it more time. I was horrified to find these blogs and will go to plastic surgeon in my state for further evaluation in regard to my abdomen.

    Comment by christine mark — December 1, 2008 @ 1:06 am | Reply

  21. Christine,
    I have to tell you that you are the FIRST patient (out of dozens) that has ever said bittner did any substantial part of her surgery! Your statement explains (as I have believe, too) why SOME of his patients (well, the ones that are REAL anyway) actually get good work. I am just guessing here, (but my BA is in psych), that perhaps he limited his involvement to girls that were young, attractive and fairly slim already. Although I have had some complaints of only/mostly PA’s doing surgery from some women without any extra weight, many of the women who have had some horrible experiences seem to be the ones that were overweight…in retrospect…women who probably should not have been accepted as patients to begin with.

    It has been speculated by some, that he may have intentionally preyed on women with weight issues assuming that they were more likely to be insecure and just accept the poor work without much fight. (He figured wrong, if that is the case!) And of course he pawned these of on the “team.” This is not to say that all of the women who were harmed were overweight, many were very near ideal weight, and just had some problems with proportion in some areas. But there seems to be an overwhelming demographic here.

    At the time of my surgery, I was 30-40 lbs away from my goal, a very practical goal, not a “chart goal”. He did 6 areas on me,(talked me into the 6th on the table). His site says (said) that 6 sites were acceptable for average/normal weight people. Unless you define average/normal as a true mathematical average, and not as “reasonable”, which is the general use, I did not comply with his standards..but he did it anyway…or rather his “team” did. Since I am older than he is and not a great beauty, or wealthy, or a waiter/barrista /actress/model…I assume his absence from my surgery is due to what many believe to be true.

    I will be adding a “poll” type feature to document actual patient experiences without revealing identities later on…I will remember to add questions along these lines.

    Look for a new page and entry with a timeline of bittner’s work history. It will be plain to see that no matter how talented he MIGHT have been…his motivation was probably greed and his ethics were incredibly questionable. I will also be publishing the old photo of the staff in a week or so, for indentification.

    As always, I wish you and others much healing and better evaluation talent in the future! I urge you to get corrections that are possible to minimize the harm he has done and..speak up! Please file a complaint with the medical board if anything about your experience seems to be questionable…remember…many of the people who did surgery were NOT licensed. Just because they were introduced or thought to be a PA..they may not have been.

    Comment by drbittnerpatient — December 1, 2008 @ 3:25 am | Reply

  22. I am very upset and desappointed about all this articles and stories about “Dr Alan Bittner’s fraud!!!”. And what makes me more sad is that I’m also a victim of him. On the beginning of 2007 I decided to have a Liposcuture and working hard as a nanny I saved all year to give myself that deserved gift.. I think all we wish by having a liposculture is self confidence. On december of 2007 I had a procedure done by his “staff” (inner and outter thights, love handles and pubic area). I finaly met dr bittner 10 minutes before they started the procedure! he marked all my body and his wife/girlfriend gave me medication. After a few minutes I was “tipsy”. She started injecting fluids in me. I remember having pain and I complained about it so they gave me the “laughing gas”. I was very drawsy but I remember that I never saw Dr. Bittner again. I never had so much pain in my life like I did after that day. A full month in pain. Numbness for 3 months. I was very unhappy with the results. Not all of them, but most!After 6 months I went for my 6 months apptm and Dr. Bittner didn’t see me. Trevor did. The left side of my outter tights is all lumpy and weird as my pubic area is too. I was supposed to have my retouch in 2 weeks on december 23rd. I just found out all this crazyness today and I’m depressed. I cannot wear swimsuit, I don’t have money to fix my problem with other doctor. I’m just hopeless.

    Comment by BC — December 2, 2008 @ 3:40 am | Reply

  23. One more thing i forgot to mention above. I’m from Brazil and when I met him before the surgery he said they have a house in Buzios – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. ($$$!!!)Wich they were going to spend christmas and NYE two weeks after my procedure. I wish we have a compensation for this matter.

    Comment by BC — December 2, 2008 @ 5:14 am | Reply

  24. I too- along with a friend- have both been left with lumpy stomachs- and both had one revision- which did little to correct the lumps we are now left with…

    dr bittner blamed it on “thin skin” & healing is never guaranteed to be perfect….I assumed I was left to deal with the ugliness..I researched lawsuits on the California medical board website before I committed to do the original surgery in early 2007..there was no record of anything at that time..and I am sad to hear that we are not the only ones out there- but somewhat happy to hear it was NOT the healing issues- it was the procedure & the unlicensed staff allowed to take part in any of it..

    I would love to get more info on Dr Heller who did your revisions – his full name & city location so I can try to find a way (if any) to correct as much of the lumps as even possible…I am looking for some hope for myself & my friend.

    Comment by cheri — December 3, 2008 @ 6:20 am | Reply

  25. That letter he sent out is so bogus!!! Who decides to do humanitarian work on the day after the Medical Board raids your offices and home due to allegations of criminal activities (felonies btw: unlicensed persons performing liposuction ON VIDEO, dispensing medications, unlawful and dangerous use of bio-wastes and laundering money to off-shore accounts). Does this guy have the mind of a psychopath or does he think we are mentally challenged?!! Let me revise his letter for him:

    Dear Patients, I cared so deeply for your health and well-being that I let my secretary PLOW the fat out of you. I would also like to thank you for the weeks of free fuel for my SUV using your syphoned fat as bio-diesel and am sure that any and all infectious materials that were fumagated into the Beverly Hills air had to be better than Los Angeles smog. I am the King of Liposuction and have performed over 1 million surgeries (more than anyone in this galaxy) and in fact invented liposuction 60 years ago when I invented fire and the wheel. I am a licensed radiologist AND a cardiac surgeon AND a rock star. I am a genius who attended Johns Hopkins, Stanford and UCLA which means I can do no wrong. I am being persecuted by dozens of crazy people similiar to Jesus Christ. The patients who have issues with the results they received under my care are just fat, disillusioned cows who smoke, drink, don’t exercise and are UGLY (but I do care deeply about them because their money paid for my hideaway house in South America). I don’t think that old, fat, suntanned cows deserve revisions or compensation for my SECRETARY MANAGER deforming their already deformed bodies. My fiance manager-marketing-advertising-self taught surgeon and nurse is highly intelligent, attractive, loves oreo cookies and has the sense of a bean to think she could actually get away with performing surgeries on real patients. We are both talented people that suffer the jealousy of everyone. So, we are not fugitives of the law… we are champions of patients rights, leaders in our field and now choose (rather quickly) to venture out to South America to provide humanitarian liposuctions on starving people. Can’t you just hear the church bells ringing or is that money clanging? So, in summary… deal with the damages we inflicted upon you because this is OUR WORLD, WE are the chosen people and you deserved whatever happened to you due to the fact that you were vain to want liposuction in the first place. Afterall, we could have just robbed you of your money like HONEST
    criminals. My TEAM and I wish you the best of luck and really are sorry we can’t face you in court… too many skinny south americans are waiting.

    Now that, is what I got out of Dr. Bittners letter.

    Comment by Jesse — December 3, 2008 @ 8:03 am | Reply

  26. I am posting a timeline in a few weeks on the site. For now…let’s also consider that bittner finished his education in 1998. All I know is that he was doing something in San Fransico for rhe next two years. In 2000, after learning that people were being turned away from a local imaging center, his eyes turned into little dollar signs and he quit his job and moved to AZ to open up a chain of “radiology” centers…IN MALLS. There were STORES in CA and AZ. In 2003 he was sued by the State of CA and subesquently closed down the businesses in order to avoid prosecution. Sound familiar?

    So, after that…get this…he tried to be a REALTOR! I am told it was because he could not get a job. Sometime after that he re-invented himself as a “minimally invasive” practitioner of liposuction. Oh did I forget tometnion that this business is being sued as well, and he is closing it down and left rather than defend himself in court?..again?

    The question we should be asking is:
    Humanitarian?…well, during training..when you aren’t getting paid..or paid much….going to Bogata looks REALLY GOOD on your record. And you aren’t gong to get to practice marketing and bank-account-building anyway.

    But of course, let’s not forget that, since finishing training, this “highly skilled surgeon”..SEEMS TO HAVE NEVER APPLIED HIS “SKILLS” TO ANY JOB HE HAS HELD!” He opened some mall radiology centers that were sued…and liposuction clinics where HE DID LITTLE OF THE WORK..INSTEAD HE USED UNSKILLED, AND OFTEN UNLICENSED, EMPLOYEES TO DO MOST OF THE SURGERIES…DOES THAT SOUND LIKE SOMEONe WHO IS HUMANITARIAN AND “SKILLED?”…ok..skilled at anything but bilking people out of their money?

    As I see it he has spent about 90% of his career trying to make big bucks, not doing “highly skilled” live-saving work.

    And “steph”, Do you really think many people believe that these letters you write, posing as patients, pals or other doctors..are real anymore? Is it just me…or don’t many of these letters (1 comment here, many on medical forums) sound like a lover gushing over her man..angry at those who would say anything “bad” about him? Again, counting on gulible people. We probably still are..but we are learning a little.

    Comment by drbittnerpatient — December 3, 2008 @ 4:21 pm | Reply

  27. How do I post a picture of MY abdomen? After one revision by a qualified doctor, all that he did was take down the HUGE lumps to make things more consistent with all of the millions of other small bumps. My problem is that Trevor and Kyle were too aggressive and too close to the surface of my skin. There HAS to be a small layer of fat left below the skin to keep it smooth. Jeez, I wish that I was a heavier person going in … at least then, we would have something to work with.

    What you cannot see right away unless I pull my muscle up or down is all of the huge scar bands that keep me from my normal activities. Something my physician and I are trying to figure out how to handle. Every board certified MD that I went to has never seen so much damage.

    Trevor and Kyle, do not run into one of my grown boys anytime soon. You have destroyed their Mother’s body and life as you both wake up every day oblivious to your crimes and the pain and suffering you have caused.

    “Sterling”… how in the world do you really believe ANYONE will believe your “story” and lies??? Have you been as damaged as we have by your two ” buddies”? If not then SHUT THE HELL UP! You have no place to voice your opinions that will have any credence. Sticking up for such criminals makes you one of them.

    Do you know what one of Bittner’s professors said about him??? I DO!!!

    If your friends are such upstanding humans, then have them #1 Pay us back and pay for whatever surgeries we have to have. And #2… compensate us for our destroyed lives. Then you can speak. Otherwise you are making a mockery of our REAL pain, suffering, and the destruction our bodies exude.

    Comment by woundedgirl — December 4, 2008 @ 1:36 am | Reply

  28. Dying to know about the professor…and how?

    BTW..I have not approved some comments because they were a bit too close to libel. There is only one comment praising the “doc.” Interesting how things look when they take a natural course and money is not changing hands…if those odds start changing now…of course, it will be suspect.

    Comment by drbittnerpatient — December 4, 2008 @ 1:51 am | Reply

  29. A post on Topix just informed us that FOX had featured a story on Alan Bittner and lipodiesel use as a positive occurrence!!! I just left FOX a message regarding the fact that they needed to do a little more research on this before presenting it as legal or a good thing. Anyway, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

    Comment by Jesse — December 25, 2008 @ 11:21 pm | Reply

  30. I noticed the LipoDiesel website has been shut down and now contains a very paranoid letter from the “fuel-master” saying that RELIGIOUS FANATICS
    are threatening him and his family. I honestly believe this guy needs some kind of psychological intervention. OMG.

    Comment by JesseAnn — August 13, 2009 @ 6:16 am | Reply

    • Jess, please email me!

      Comment by drbittnerpatient — December 7, 2009 @ 5:17 pm | Reply

  31. Did anyone have work done by Rodney Davis, and if so how did it turn out? He is now working at a new place in La Jolla, CA. I just had a procedure done by him, and after reading this I am so nervouse, please get back to me as soon as possible. Your time is greatly appreciated.

    Comment by Reallynervouse — February 20, 2010 @ 11:47 am | Reply

    • Rodney did not work on me, but I have received many letters from patients he did work on that had complaints. Please read the law suit page on the website for more inforamtion. Be sure to read the update under the section with his name. Rodney lied on his CA licensing application and was on probabtion. He was supposed to only work under certain circumstances and it is not known if those were met. What I find horribly disturbing is that he contacted me (and was probably my middle-of-the-night caller) and then lied again directly to me. He tried to force me to take down public information about him and tried to excuse it with another lie. I caught him and then he tried again. He then tired to open up his own company and closed the filing shorty after. It is believed that he may have agreed to be the “owner” of a new business that was really bittner trying to hide again.
      My opinion is that invasive surgery should be performed only by doctors, not PA’s. Again, my opinion and I am entitled to express it. Something that requires finesse and an artistic hand requires extra training. Someone who lies on a professional license scares me. After several email exchanges, I consider the character of Mr. Davis to be suspect and possibly dangerous. Again, my opinion, you make your own decision. To threaten me because I have an opinion is cheap. For an attorney to think that patients do not have a right to know if the person cutting them open has received formal discipline and has acted inapproriately is sad at best. Mr. Davis sex life is none of my business…or anyones. His professional conduct is and the information concerning it is public record. I am sure those who have suffered will agree.To have the nerve to lie about something that is public record and then lie more is inexcusable, especially when it concerns surgery and healthcare.
      Bottom line, IN MY OPINION, a surgery such as this should be performed only by a medical doctor, one who specializes in plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery or possibly dermatological surgery. At the very least, patients deserve to know the licensing and status of those who will be performing surgery. It is our right! As we found out, bittner’s license was in radiology. Just because the sign onthe door says one thing, does not mean that the person is really trained in the field.

      Comment by drbittnerpatient — February 20, 2010 @ 5:57 pm | Reply

    • I actually had a surgery scheduled with Pacific Lipo a couple of months ago. I put a deposit down with Stephanie (I did not get her last name) and she booked my appointment right away. I am wondering if this is the same Stephanie that worked for Bittner.

      The day before my appointment with PA Rod Davis, he flat out denied any wrong doings or working under Dr. Bittner.

      It was very suspicious to me why a PA would conduct invasive surgeries with our an actual doctor there. This office needs to be shut down before someone gets hurt.

      Comment by truth530 — July 6, 2011 @ 5:52 pm | Reply

      • I feel sick to my stomach. I had a lipo done with Dr. Bittner in 2008. Thank God everything went well. In 2010, I tried to contact their office to get a touch up, but their phone was disconnected. I searched the web by his name and that’s when I found out what was going on. My boyfriend had a lipo done last week (April 2012) in San Diego by Rod Davis. I cannot believe Bittner and Davis are connected. I am speechless.

        Comment by AT — April 23, 2012 @ 10:01 pm

  32. Thank you for a great read! Keep up the good work!

    Comment by physician assistant programs guru — April 9, 2012 @ 12:23 am | Reply

  33. I am another victim, I just did not know where to turn. Looks like this guy is being brought to justice a little at least. I have lumps and lumps, and need help on what to do, how if any way to file a claim against Dr. Bittner..

    Comment by Brian — September 10, 2012 @ 1:29 pm | Reply

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