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September 18, 2008

Lipo Revisions

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Quickly, I have had two revisions on the general midsection (it consists of 4 of the orignal 6 “areas”). It is harder to correct questionable work than it is to do it properly the first time. The more questionable the work….the harder it is to correct.
Do not give up hope! I am ecstatically happy with my revisions! It looks like I will need a little more on the midsection, but the improvement is phenomenal!
I am scheduled for another area (thighs)to be revised on October 3rd and then we will talk about wrapping up the midsection before we start the last (6th) area that needs to be revised.
For those of you who are seeing Dr. Heller, I don’t need to wish you “good luck.” You are in great, ethical hands! For those who aren’t, have a consult! There will be new pics soon!
There are others like you…speak up!


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  1. am relieved to hear that this physician will be forced to close down in Beverly Hills but aghast that he would be allowed to run another clinic elsewhere even if he loses his medical license. If some of the allegations are true (e.g. allowing unlicensed staff to perform liposuction with subsequent disfigurement, secretaries administering medications, suggesting additional procedures or signing of consents AFTER sedation has been given) this should be criminal negligence and not just civil issues. I think it is time to petition the Medical Board of California and let them know that healthcare consumers expect to be protected from repeated unsafe physician or clinic practices. The Board should be held legally responsible when they allow unscrupulous physicians to continue harming the public. I am willing to create a petition that will outline our concerns and collect signatures. It is very disconcerting to read the personal anguish people are going through as a result of such blatant negligence and malpractice.

    Comment by Jesse — September 22, 2008 @ 5:15 am | Reply

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